Monday, January 9, 2012

Happiness Is...

A torn up living room because all 3 boys had such an awesome time playing together! I seriously never mind this because its just sooo much better than hearing "I'm bored!" or "He's touching me!" :) Oh and ignore my dead Christmas tree in the corner... 

A tray of brownies devoured out of the pan with a fork by me ready to be cut and placed on a cute dish . If you follow me on Facebook you'll already now that I found a box of brownie mix hiding in my pantry on Friday and I just about DIED of excitement!

 Wasting waaaay too much time spent cruising Pinterest for new home decorating, party, and craft ideas!

A brand new SUPER-SIZED box of disinfecting wipes for my bathroom. Boys are disgusting ya'll!! :)

An empty laundry basket! (need I say more?)

Chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. I spent a whole 4 seconds sticking left -over  party decorations  in them and  the boys just about lost their marbles to eat them!

What makes you happy?


The Anglin Family said...

I couldn't read the right side of your post, some of the words were cut off:(
It's the little things, huh? Wish I had a brownie with an ice cold glass of milk right now, haha:-)

Sarah said...

Oh, I love all those things!
Let's see...what makes me happy? Gosh, lots of things. Besides the obvious answer of children enjoying themselves and playing together, I love when I get those rare chances to have a long, deep conversation with a friend. Those always make heart feel so full! I also love watching period films like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, etc. I've seen them all a million times and never get tired of them!

Amy said...

I can taste the ewy-goey goodness of the brownies right now! Me WANT!!!

Amy said...

PS- YOU make me veryy happy bestie! Love you!

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