Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday ~ Nursery Edition!

This week I'm joining up with Jamie to participate in What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This week I'm loving ONE big thing! It's our little Griffin's nursery!

We started this really late (like after he was born). As most of you know I was really really chicken about starting on it. I really felt like I would be jinxing my pregnancy if I did anything.

So finally its almost done! It hasn't bothered me too much that Griffin is a little over 3 months old and it just now finished. He really only just moved out of our bedroom and into his room a couple of weeks ago :).

With out further ado...

This is the view as you walk into Griffin's room! 

 As you round the corner into Griffin's room, this becomes your view! I love that my sweet littlest boy got such a wonderful spacious room to grow and play in!

I love that we were able to put Griffin's crib against this wall. It is the farthest away from Grady's room that I could move it. This way (hopefully!) they won't wake each other up at night! 

This is Griffin's changing table. For whatever reason, he loves it! Maybe its getting a clean tush that makes him smile so big or it could be the little black and white zebra on the wall... :)

I love his toy keeper. It helps me to keep the room tidy!

This is some artwork that Graham did to help contribute to Griffin's room decor. I gave him the paint and the canvas and told him to paint whatever he wanted too! I love it!

This is Griffin's crib. I wished he loved to sleep in it a little more :). And, don't worry, I take all those little pillows out at night. The super cute bumper will be coming out soon too. :( He has started inch-worming his way around in there...

I'm in love with these decoupaged letters that I did for him! I will love them even more once they are hung up!

I love that this holds soo many little clothes!! I even love the glass fronts because I'm practically forced to keep the drawers tidy!

I love this rocker. It used to be the one in Grady's room. It was crazy expensive, but like I told Bobby, if I'm going to be up all hours of the night, I darn well better be comfortable!! :)

Mother's LOVE

I love this little picture frame in his room! Bobby wasn't with me at my 16 week ultrasound when we found out we were having our 3rd boy so I went and grabbed this frame and put the" big reveal" picture in it! 

I also love my handy-work with making this wreath! I had made this to hang on the hospital door when we had Griffin. It now looks super cute in his room!

I hope that everyone has LOVED touring Griffin's nursery with me!


Melanie Mueller said...

It looks so great!! I LOVE it!!!!

Tristan said...

how sweet!!!!!!!!! It's so bright and cheery!!

The Mama said...

I LOVE everything about it! It's so awesome! I love the letters you did for Griffin still, they are so awesome!

I'm with you on the expensive chair, I did the same thing. Nursing all night needs a nice comfy chair!!!

Love the room!

Beth Ann said...

Very cute. Love the brother artwork and the comfy chair. Holden loves his changing table, too. Silly boys! Holden is also still in our room...he is definitely outgrowing his little bassinet! Almost 4 months old and still sleeping in a bassinet....I probably need to bite the bullet...ugh!

ccc said...

What a great idea of the brother art work. The room is so spacious! I am in love with the furniture too--so beautiful.

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

How sweet! Love his nursrey! I especailly love the painted letters!

The Magnolia Pair


VivalaVida said...

It turned out so nice!! We still haven't finished Maxwell's room. I don't think we will ever :/ I'm loving your Griffin letters!!!

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