Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Too Tired...

  • Griffin is back to not sleeping so great.
  • We moved him to his crib upstairs finally and now I am humping it up and down the stairs many many times a night to get him settled down.
  • I don't do great with little sleep.
  • I'm starting to not think so clearly during the day now and it scares me just a little bit. 
  • Surely it can't be much longer before he settles down and starts to sleep longer stretches right?? 
  • I need to recap our Happy New Year celebrations, Griffin turning 3 months old, and so much more.
  • But, I'm just so tired.
  • So tired in fact, the only way I'm posting today is with the help of these little bullets. This way I don't have to think up clear and concise paragraphs. :)
  • Please hurry up and get here Saturday. Momma really needs a nap.

  • I'm in LOVE with the culprit of all this sleep deprivation! :)


The Mama said...

Girl I remember those days all too well. I am praying for your sweet little man to start to sleep better. Praying for you to make it until Saturday! The hard times are definitely worth it, but that doesn't make them easy to survive on so little sleep!!! XOXO

Beth Ann said...

Oh, boo. :( Maybe he is having the "4 month sleep regression" a little early. Ugh. I'm probably in for it too, although Holden has never been consistent with how long he sleeps. When people ask me how long he sleeps at night I say, "Anywhere from 3-8 hours".... just never know! We haven't moved Holden out of his bassinet by our bed...and his crib/room is just a few steps away! I'm dreading it. Hope you get some rest SOON!

The Anglin Family said...

hugs!!!!!! I remember those days!!!!!
But seriously? I could kiss the heck out of those cheeks!!!!!

Tristan said...

hope you get some good nights sleep soon sweets!!!

he is just so precious...if only ilived closer..haha..i would snuggle him all day so you could sleep!

Melanie Mueller said...

Hang in there! It will get better!!
Oh my goodness!!! That picture of Griffin is PRECIOUS!!!! I need to squeeze him soon.

Jayme said...

OH those cheeks!!!

Natasha said...

Glad it's not just me! My 4 week old Mason is not sleeping for very long stretches at all and it's exhausting! I am so tired I can't even think straight- not sure how Im typing sentences right now :)

I hope it gets better for you and for me with my little Mason as well.

ccc said...

I have no great advice to give because most of my kids were poor sleepers and the couple that did sleep well just did it without any help from me..they were just wired that way!
BTW-that picture with him holding his hands like that in sleep is very precious.

VivalaVida said...

I'm with you on that boat! I NEED SLEEP!! I've been so cranky lately! I need Saturday to get here so hubby can look after Maxwell for an hour or two!

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