Thursday, March 1, 2012

Man Your Stations!

So I was looking around the other day at all the "stations" that Griffin has. Wow. We have a ton!

Did you have "stations" for your kids? :)

Our "stations" are the places that we can put Griffin down for him to rest, play, hang out while we do what needs to get done around here. As much as I would love to sit and cuddle him or lay down on the floor next to him and play, we have to have clean dishes and clean clothes too. :)

This used to be Grady's swing. I love the memories that I have from both boys using it. I will be really really sad when it's time to give it up :(. Griffin is not using it very much anymore. I know that it will be only another couple of months and he'll be sitting up on his own and he for sure won't be using it then. Right now he will occasionally sleep in it. But not very often.

Oh the beloved Nap Nanny! This "station" is one of our favorites! Griffin loves to chill in this in the early morning hours. We almost always all end up getting up at the same time (ugh 5:30 am is just not normal...). While I'm getting Graham ready for school, Griffin loves to chill in this and watch t.v. with the boys. I know, I know, my baby shouldn't be watching t.v. already but like I said before, things have to get done around here somehow... 

Oddly enough, both my older boys love this too! I often catch Grady resting in it and sometimes even Graham! If you can imagine an almost 10 year old curled up in it... it's hilarious! I need to try and snap a super secret picture of him doing in :).

This jumpy also used to be Grady's! I love that we found some great study stuff years ago and that we are able to re-use so much stuff! This is one of the newer things we've pulled out for Griffin. He love it but has to be in the mood for it. A full tummy and a good nap or a good nights sleep is required for him to enjoy it. If he's not in a good mood then he will cry like a wounded cat until you come and get him out! I'm really excited at how quick he has mastered it though. We still have it on the lowest setting but he's already jumping in it like a pro!

Griffin also really enjoys his play mat. When he first used it he only liked it for a few minutes at a time. He would only bat at the little dangling animals but now his hand/eye coordination has really improved and he can grab them and hang on! The bottom of it has a cute little piano kick place that plays musical notes when kicked. It changes around for use during  tummy time and then again for when he's an older toddler. I love how many uses it has!

This bouncy seat will probably be one of the first "stations" to go. It used to be Grady's also and has see some better days. Right now it's used to hold toys or for when I get into the shower and need to move Griffin into the bathroom with me.

This highchair just made it down out of the attic last week! It used to be Grady's but has held up incredibly! Now that Griffin is eating cereal twice a day I needed someplace better to feed him (other than his bouncy seat which is where I was previously feeding him). I love this because it has little wheels on it and Griffin is more than happy now if I wheel him around the kitchen to watch me unload the dishwasher! 

Just yesterday I went and purchased this "station". This weekend we will be going to a birthday party for an older relation at a church. Bobby won't be able to make it and I know that I'll be chasing Grady hither and yon all day. If I have one of these I think that it will make my job soo much easier! I can't wait to try this out!  I also figure if there are evenings where Griffin is just really cranky I can carry him around in this while I get dinner ready for the other boys. 

Do you/did you have this many stations for your little one? 


Brittany said...

Isn't it funny how such a LITTLE person can need SO MANY things!!!!

I was the same way with my boys - there BIG toys/stations were everywhere.

And yes, I am still very serious about wanting a sweet tee-shirt for your amazing girl:)

I'll send you my address......
email me:

ccc said...

I did have stations, but not so many :)
I could not have certain stations set up since some of my kids were as close as 16/17 months apart, so mostly it was baby in a sling for safety from the toddler!
I like the high chair with wheels. If I have another, I will make sure ours has wheels. I just threw away the high chair that I used for babies #4--#11. It really lasted a long time--a Graco--I had got rid of the cloth seat that laid in it and just had all plastic that could be wiped down.

The Mama said...

We certainly did have that many stations. It's crazy how often you have to just move the baby around. :) I remember that all too well. :)

Tesha said...

We are putting away our stations as our baby starred walking, they were suppose to stay out for the next year but our new little boy was born sleeping 1-24-12. Any good advice for a newly grieving mommy?

Beth Ann said...

Haha...yes, we have "stations" and we wear them out!!! No one thing keeps him content for very long it seems! We have a play mat (love that yours has the piano on it), swing, high chair, johnny-jump-up, or crib with mobile/kicking piano, and bouncy seat. Holden is pretty much over the bouncy seat...but it will work every once in a while...same with his crib. We've been wanting to get a jumpy thing like you have...just haven't done it yet. I'm not looking forward to having yet another thing in our living room! ;) Oh, and Holden watches the Baby channel for a little bit every once in a while, while he's on his play mat. Hey, it's educational and it's only for a little bit...I have no problems with it. We have a carrier, too, but mainly use it when we're out.

The Anglin Family said...

Ha-this cracks me up! I remember those days! My house is about to be overtaken by baby stuff again, and I really can't wait:-)) I'm jealous you have a nap nanny! I so want one..S says they are a waste of money..what does he know?

KERRY said...

No!!! hahaha, we had the play mat which is now put away, we had the bouncer which is also put away, and then a higchair. I do have toy stations though, and now, a little flip out sofa for Liam too but I never bought a pouch or a jumper or a walker or anything like that. I'm sure they're great but I just didn't feel I needed it and our house isn't as big as what I'd like.
Sometimes a play pen would be great just to contain my little tornado!!
I am sure Griffin loves all his stations, I adore having baby stuff around again, it had been so long!!

Recipe for a baby said...

James' playmat is our favourite, he also has a swing which he loves to chill out in!

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