Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hillary's Cervix of Doom

So today was our regularly scheduled appointment with our specialist. So far it's been absolutely no big deal. Every time we've gone in pretty much everything has been looking just great! We so far have been one of those awesomely lucky ones to be labeled "normal" or "boring" pregnancy. But, sadly, not anymore.

Today during my check the tech (as usual) started off measuring my cervical length. I am of course not an expert but it just looked different to me. Then she started measuring it. Two weeks ago it was measuring anywhere from 3.8 to 3.5 cm. Today it went from 2.8 to 2.4. I didn't know much but I didn't have a feeling that this was going to go well. I tried to question the tech but you know them. They could work for the CIA or FBI or something for as tight-lipped as those ladies can be... She only mumbled that when the doctor came in she would go over everything with me. Not.good. Sure enough 15 minutes later Dr. M came in and the first thing out of her mouth was "Your cervix is starting to shorten AND funnel". Two words that should never be used together before the 37th week. The second thing out of her mouth was " I want you to have a cerclage put in this week". She had already called my regular OB to let her know what the situation was and to be looking for my call.

By lunchtime today I had already had a personal phone call from my OB (which never happens) to start setting things up. I should receive a call later today to tell me which day I need to report to the hospital. I'm hoping that its Friday but at the same time I want to hurry up and get this taken care of before things have a chance to get more haywire. Until those stitches go in I plan on sitting. A LOT.

On a positive note, the baby looked just great! We caught him sucking his thumb a couple of times.TOO CUTE!

I'll leave you with one of the best pictures we have of Baby M to date!

I fell in love with this little picture. It's of his profile and abdomen. You can kind of see  his little button nose. And he has a hand up like he's waving hi! I love it and him soo much!

Has anyone else had a cerclage before and if you did how did things go? Were you on bed rest? Back to normal in no time?


Sarah said...

I didn't qualify for a cerclage b/c I was having contractions...apparently it doesn't help if you are contracting. I don't think you have to be on bedrest, but since you have had a loss before, they may approach it differently with you. I'd definitely be decreasing my activity level for sure. Praying for you. Keep us posted!

The Anglin Family said...

Sweet boy:)
Get lots of rest, sweetie. I know several people in this predicament with great outcomes. I am praying for you and for your sweet baby. I know you are scared, and I am praying for your comfort.

ccc said...

I never have had one, but a good friend of mine has had it with almost all her pregnancies-she has nine children. Her babies still ended up coming about 3-6 wks early. But, that is still a healthy time to be born! This is really good that they found it happening right now. Your OB called you--that is always a good sign that they are on top of things to make sure of the best outcome.
I'll be praying! I would stay off my feet too--now you have a great excuse to do it!

Jamie said...

I'll be praying. I was close to getting one last pregnancy but I was having contractions so they wouldn't do it. They said it would make contractions worse if I was already having them. I pray that the cerclage will be the fix for this problem right now and that God will close it right on up.

Tristan said...

i was threatened with one..but mine stayed the same with bed rest..so..good luck..i'll be praying extra for you and sweet baby boy!!

Anonymous said...

Hillary, my friend had a cerclage for her pregnancy(she had part of her cervix removed due to cervical cancer so they recommended it). I know the during the actual procedure she had an epidural but as far as I can remember she was back to normal pretty soon. The only restriction I seem to remember is that there was no hanky panky(if you get my drift=)) w/ the hubby AT ALL during the pregnancy.
Baby G looks adorable in his sono!!!!
I'll be praying. Take care of yourself! Love, Laura

Bobbi said...

Praying for you! I have no experience with a cerclage, but I sure hope everything goes well for you and baby!!!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I don't know if you've read Lara's blog http://babyhtaketwo.blogspot.com/ but she had one placed before her pregnancy. On the right hand side of her blog she has one labeled Abdominal Cerclage info. That is where she posted about her surgery. She's currently pregnant with a sweet baby girl and due in the summer. I'm sure she wouldn't mind you emailing her or posting up any questions you may have. She's a very sweet girl.

I'm praying the call for the surgery comes in quick and that everything goes well hun! Baby M is looking great!!

Melanie Mueller said...

Oh sweet boy! What a precious picture of him!! As you know, I have no cerclage experience but I say take it easy. Call me if you need anything!! I may bring more chaos with me, but I can help with the kiddos and you can SIT!!!!! Love ya!!

Michele said...

I had a cerclage and it was bedrest central for the rest of the pregnancy. I had a Shirodkar placed at 11w in May 2009 (if you want to peek through my archives, I'm sure there's more info), spent a night in the hospital, then went home before admission at 20w and delivery at 27w. I was carrying twins of course, but my OB told me that even with a singleton, I'd have bedrest for the full pregnancy.

Many prayers for you and your bundle!!

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