Friday, June 10, 2011

Camp Cutie!

Today is Graham's last day and camp and he has had the best time! He asked me just the other day if he could go back again next year. I of course said YES! He then asked how much longer he could keep going and I told him that he could keep going until he was old enough to be a camp counselor. He was beyond thrilled with that idea. And so am I!!

I took a couple of pictures of him before he left the house yesterday morning and then again this morning. He's so clean cute!

Each day of the week the camp has a different theme going and the kids get to dress up to match. Yesterday was by far Graham's favorite. He would live in camo clothes if I let him! :) They had a fun "war games" event that went on and he was so tired and exhilarated by the time he got home.

I can not believe how grown-up Graham looks to me in this picture!

Today at camp it is Alpha vs. Omega day. Alpha's and Omega's are the two different groups that the kids get split into when they sign up for camp. Last year was Graham's first year and he was assigned to be an Omega. It's really neat because from here on out he will always be an Omega!

I will probably be doing one more post on Graham's camp tomorrow! This afternoon they are putting on a special program for the parents and then handing out awards. It should be an awesome afternoon! 


Anonymous said...

AWE..he's such a handsome little guy!!

camp sounds so fun!

The Anglin Family said...

He's a cutie! Sounds like a fun camp!!! Hope you had a good weekend!!

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