Monday, June 20, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing Monday

I have a lot of random, jumbly things going around in my head right now so I'm going to use bullets again today. I love those little things! :)

  • Graham and I were talking this morning about really nothing in particular and he told me very matter of factly "I hope that nothing tragic happens to my baby brother." (He watches waaaaaay too much tv and has become more than a little dramatic at times....) I told him that I hoped so too and that we needed to just keep praying that God keeps him healthy and safe. He told me (again very dramatically but now with a very "like duh" tone) "Mooooommmm, I already do. I pray everyday for him!" Despite the tone I teared up. I had no idea that he had private moments with God where he prayed!

  • I woke up this morning, checked my email and noticed that I received a comment. I love comments! That is until I read it. I was pissed.
"Frameless Shower Door has left a new comment on your post "Keepin' It Real Thursday":

These days all Frameless Shower Door are very fashionable and are popular with many people for their sleek modern look. All frameless shower doors are made from thick tempered glass that is incredibly hard to break. This means it is possible to get years of performance out of an all frameless glass shower door.

Posted by Frameless Shower Door to Our Hopeful Life - Welcome to the Mueller Family! at June 20, 2011 3:24 AM "

Seriously??? I try soo hard to be the nice blogger who lets people comment anonymously etc. but then you go and stick a sneaky little Ad on my blog? I remember this post. It was a funny spoof on how yicky my shower door was. Does that  mean that they went searching for people with yicky shower doors to try and sell them something??

For real Frameless Shower Door Company. I want some payment for you Ad placement!! A-holes.

  • On to better news, I have an appointment tomorrow at the specialist! Yea for getting to see the little guy again! If everyone could say a quick prayer for great cervical length (I know, super gross to pray for my lady parts but I'm not proud anymore...)!

  • I plan to ask my doctor tomorrow about the Progesterone shots I've been taking. I started out with no problems at all. I scoffed at all that I had read about bad reactions and praised my amazing body for handling them so well. Until about 3 weeks ago. My rear is now covered in bumps, lumps, and puncture wounds. All of those bumps, lumps, and puncture wounds ITCH like crazy. And bleed. And bruise. That is what I get and deserve for being so smug.

  • I lost some followers a couple of nights ago. All at the same time. There were there and then they were gone. I was pretty sad about it on Saturday. I don't feel like I'm either all that controversial or all that boring. I don't feel that I've suddenly changed my topics of discussion that would turn people off. Oh well! What can I do? I refuse to be a 35 year old Middle School girl that will worry about this anymore. I really just felt like talking about it for a second to get it off my chest. (you know, if they are secretly still reading and now feel a teensy bit bad about hitting the "Unfollow" button)

  • Bobby made the best food yesterday for Father's Day! Ok so just the meat, but it was sooo good!

I totally  made Bobby pose for this picture. He thought I was crazy but I'm sure that he secretly really liked me taking pictures of the smoke ring on his meat! :)

Here is a random picture of the rest of our Father's Day lunch. (Made by me so you know it was good too :)

Hope that you all are having a fun random day too!


Jamie said...

Yeah, no one will follow my other blog from the BLM community because not a lot of them want to read about other babies being born ya know? A lot just aren't ready for that and so that's just what I'm hoping to chalk it up to but I could be totally off base. I still follow! I know that it just sounds wrong but I am anxious for your update about your cervix as I've been praying for you so I'm hoping to hear great news! Anyway, best wishes on your appointment!

Tara said...

I'm just sorry I didn't find/know about your blog sooner. Anyone who unfollowed is missing out on watching a miracle unfold when you have a miraculously worry free pregnancy and deliver a handsome boy!

Jayme said...

Aww Graham is so sweet :)

Donna said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tristan said...

aw..what a sweet moment with your boy!!

praying for you!

lol..the shower door comment cracks me up..what in the world!!!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I started getting ad comments like that when I first started blogging but then changed my settings. I got really excited thinking that it was actually someone commenting but no just ad people. The watermelon on the table looks so yummy!! I'll be praying for you tomorrow!!!

ccc said...

I don't think it's odd to pray for your lady parts. lol I will be doing it for you!
So sweet about Graham praying for his little brother. My kids have made the same kind of comments before. In fact one of my young kids looked at our 2 1/2 yr old the other day and said,"It's a good thing he didn't die either, right mom?"

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