Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pregnancy Week 24!!!

***** Can I just interrupt my own post quickly to say how stinkin' aggravated that I am right now with all the problems that are still going on with the Google Accounts!!! I was able to freely comment on others blogs for ONE whole day this past month (and that was only after spending a ton of wasted time changing my account around with them) and now it is back again to not working!!! I hate it! I feel terrible that other blogging ladies might see my comment absence as not caring but that could not be farther from the truth! Please know that I still read and pray for  I changed my comment settings in hopes that it will be easier for ya'll to leave me comments again. Leave me a comment today :) and tell me if it really is easier for you now! ******

Are you totally astounded at the sheer awesomeness that is my picture taking skillz?? :) Sadly, this is the best of the bunch.... Can you see my littlest shadow in the background? He kept darting in and out of the bathroom this morning and I'm pretty sure that is what confused my camera. It just didn't know what to focus on... Yeah, that was the problem... I'm sure of it....

On a radom and kinda TMI note, my Nana's are huge right now. Its getting soo hard to find maternity shirts that will fit me up top. My breast milk came in very shortly after they place the cerclage (I checked with my doctor because I was completely freaked out and she said that it was the anesthesia that did it... crap.)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 24 Glorious weeks!! A few weeks ago I had some serious doubts that I'd even make it this far. But, here we are! God Is Great!

Size Of Baby: At last measurement the specialist estimated that he was already 1 pound 5 ounces and 72 percentile. We go back this coming Tuesday get get further updates on his growth. I hesitate to use what the Internet says at this point as he seems a little larger than average. I have always had small to normal sized babies and the fact that this one seems to be much larger than my boys ever did - gestation wise- I'm attributing to the glorious Progesterone shots I've been doing. The specialist said that she thought that it would improve the quality of my placenta and I know that a good placenta/great blood flow = healthy baby!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: This question is fairly hilarious to me at this point. I was told to eat normal (HA! whatever that means for a pregnant/hungry/hormonal lady!) but you combine normal with little to no physical movement for the better part of most days and yikes! I am totally packing on the pounds. Neither doctor has said much of anything about it yet to me because truly what can I do? Restrictive eating will do nothing to help our little guy get as big as he needs to so here I am. Large and in charge! :)

Maternity Clothes: No brainer. All of them are now maternity! I can no longer fit into my beloved t-shirts!

Gender: Still our little boy hanging out in there!

Movement: Ahhh. The bane of my existence. I worry constantly about his movement. I just got done having a super great week where I felt him move every.five.minutes. Now the past couple of days he has slowed down. I keep a running mantra in my mind of "he's still really little" and "for God sakes Hillary, you are only 24 weeks!". Sometimes this helps and other times I have to take a break for a while and just stop and pray for God to grant me piece of mind! (he almost always does and the baby pokes me for a while :)

Sleep: See above comments! I fall asleep easily but then when I get up to use the restroom around 1 or 2 am I stay away and wait to see if I can feel the little guy move. Sometimes it's a couple of hours before I can fall back asleep. It's really starting to catch up with me! :(

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach, clothes that fit comfortably, and the ability to do what a Momma needs to do (aka no bed rest!)

Cravings: Hamburgers! I just am in love with red meat these days! I may have to pull a steak out of the freezer for tonight now that I'm talking about it. :)

Symptoms: Just the usual. A little heartburn here and there and swollen feet, ankles, and calves. Nothing terrible!

Best Moment This Week: This is an easy one! By far the best moment this week is making it to 24 weeks! Whoo- Hoo for viability! (a whole other post coming up on this topic!)


Jayme said...

Hooray for 24 weeks! That is always a big milestone for me :) Keep cooking, baby!

m&msmommy said...

Yay for reaching this milestone! What a blessing! :)

The commenting thing is driving me crazy too, UGH!!! Hopefully I'm able to leave this comment for you! :)

Have a great day! :)

Jamie said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! And yes, much easier to comment on...I may have to do this same thing. I haven't been able to comment on anyone's lately.

Tristan said... this is crazy better for commenting!! WHAT DID YOU!!

and yayayayay 24 weeks!!!!!!!

ccc said...

I always crave beef when I am pregnant, and eggs and oranges and a whole host of other things. But, beef is the main thing. Your tummy looks beautiful! Keep growing that baby so well!!

New Year Mum said...

So sorry that I'm behind on reading/commenting... fantastic news to make it to 24 weeks !! YAY :)) You must be so relieved. Love your photo and update... always great to hear good pregnancy news :) Love to you always xoxo

Recipe for a baby said...

Well done for 24 weeks!!! Hope you little guy is kicking up a storm!

Melanie Mueller said...

Yay for 24 weeks!! I am so glad you are there and I feel sure you are gonna make it all the way to 39weeks. ;)
Love that you are doing these posts again. SO fun to read! Love ya!

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