Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This week I'm joining up with Jaime again to participate in What I'm Loving Wednesday! We have had soo much stuff going on lately that I'm just full to brimming with what I'm loving! This is also an excellent opportunity to get everyone caught up with what we're up to since I've been a little behind in the blogging this week!

{1.} I'm Loving this little guy!

I'm soo thankful that my appointment went really really great! Our little guy now weights around 1 pound 5 ounces and is in the 72 % for his gestation (22 weeks and 5 days). This is awesome news because they want him to get as big as possible since there is a chance of him making a very early arrival. Dr. M said that my cervix was kicking butt this week and measuring at around 3.5 cm which is an improvement over 2 weeks ago. Love Him!

{2.} I'm Loving my in-law's next door neighbors that have a great pool!

They are beyond the kindest people ever and have pretty much given us a permanent open invitation to swim almost whenever we want! The boys love it and sleep and eat soo good afterwards!

{3.} I'm Loving my big kitchen sink! HA!

My youngest son is developing a serious addition to water (see above pool pictures and below). I'm glad that he still fits in the sink for a quickie bath in the evening sometimes. This is such a saver on my back these days. I was having problems convincing him to get out however. Then I realized that he was scared of the drain... (I might be the bad Momma that took advantage of this and pull the plug when its time to get him out and boy does he scramble out! :)

{4.} I'm Loving The Jumpy Place!

I know that I've blogged about this place before but for those new readers its a wonderful jumpy house place here where we live. I couldn't get any pictures of Grady jumping because he spent 75% of his time hogging the drinking fountain. 400 drinks, 9 hand washes, and 1 narrowly missed hair wash (yes he totally tried to stick his whole head in it...) and it was time to go. Like I said earlier, the child is obsessed with water! :)

{5.} I'm Loving the Sally Hanson Salon Effect  nail polish strips!

I was introduced to these by my SIL Melanie and I love them! It was soo much fun! I opted to try out the zebra print for some summer fun nails! I really need to get some longer nails going so I can keep practicing my technique.

{6.} I'm Loving that Graham started day camp this week! He's been attending T Bar M camp in New Braunfels and it's been the most rewarding experience for him. Its a camp that is Christ centered and he has grown so much while he's been there. This is only his second year to attend and I already can't wait to see how he grows and matures in such a wonderful environment in the coming years!

First Day of Camp!

I hope that everyone else is having a great week! What are you loving this Wednesday? 


Anonymous said...

I am back to not being able to leave you comments darn blogger!!!
The pics of baby boy look precious!! So glad your cervix is cooperating:)))That pool is awesome! I am jealous, I wish they were my neighbors haha. And I love those strips. I have the leopard ones on right now.:)

Jayme said...

Wow, baby boy is already bigger than Elora was at birth (25 weeks)!

Joeylee said...

That pool looks awesome! Love the nail polish strips

ccc said...

Yeah summer and swimming! We have a pool, and I love how it tires the kids out also. I am glad our week is going great. I love your happy and positive attitude.

ccc said...

After I read my comment I see that I wrote "or week is going great" and I meant to write "your week". I guess I am having a great week so far!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I wish I had neighbors with a pool like that!!! Wowwie!! It's amazing!! We have a pool in our neighborhood but it definitely does not look like that. I had seen the nail polish strips and have been wanting to try them. They look great! Baby looks so adorable nibbling on his fingers!! It just melts my heart!! I'm glad everything is going great and smoothly :)

Anonymous said... that baby is wayyyyy too cute!!

and the boys look like they are having so much summer fun!

glad your appt. went well!


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