Friday, June 3, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

This week has been a super slow blogging week for me! Blame it on the partial bed rest that I'm on, but things have been SUPER-unexciting around these parts lately. Part of me doesn't mind one bit. We just got done with the school year and this Momma is ready for a break from the hustle and bustle. The other part of me has been nagging that I need to figure out more things to do with/for my kids maybe just 2 days a week. We'll see how all this goes!

Now that I'm done with my random tangent, I decided to make posting this morning easier on myself. I am joining up with Lauren over at The Little Things We Do to participate in Fill In The Blank Friday!

 {1.} I LOVE that Graham is going to start a week of summer camp next week! He will be going to T Bar M here in South Texas and I can't wait for him to go! It is such a wonderful Christian camp with the best counselors and staff. They go all out trying to make each kid feel totally loved and special! All this past year he received post cards in the mail from both of his counselors from last year with updates and encouragement. Love it!!

{2.} A TIME THAT MAMA KNEW BEST WAS who I should marry. She never told me until much later (like after I had already married that man of my dreams) how much she and my dad HATED all the guys I had dated before Bobby came along. I think both she and my dad knew that none of them were right for me but she held her tongue and let me figure it out. Thank God I did! :)

{3.} MY FIRST KISS WENT A LITTLE LIKE THIS beyond awkward.  And unexpected. Both the guy and I were only hanging out before going to a school event/dance and we were only going with each other so that we'd each have a date. We ended up kissing before the event at his house. What was I thinking? (see question #2 above for my great judgement sometimes...)

{4.} MY SPLURGE OF CHOICE IS either on food or kitchen gadgets. Funny how both relate kinda to each other right?

{5.} MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT IS my kids! I have 2 of the sweetest boys ever (and one more little guy on the way) and a beautiful baby girl in Heaven and they are my life! I would not be where I am or who I am today if I didn't have them! I can't believe that just regular, ordinary me would be ever be soo blessed!

{6.} MY CELEBRITY CRUSH(S) ARE Hugh Jackman and Vin Diesel. I like manly men! :)

{7.} MY DANCE JAM OF CHOICE (if I was not so terribly white and could dance...) would have to be anything by Salt n' Pepa!

I hope that everyone enjoyed "getting to know me" this Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


ccc said...

I love your list. Our biggest accomplishments are the same!!

New Year Mum said...

Love this idea... will need to join in one day :) Love always xoxo

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I'm loving your list! I have to say your last one had me cracking up! Ha!! It reminded me of the nextel phone commercial....

very funny!!

Katie said...

Hillary, this is too cute. I'm laughing about the first kiss! I'm so happy you ended up with the man of your dreams. ; )

I agree with you about your biggest accomplishments. That would be my answer, too.

Hope your heart is peaceful and happy.

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