Thursday, June 9, 2011

Keepin' It Real Thursday

Reality in our house these days is pretty amusing.

I realized that I had the funniest thing going on in my bathroom the other day. If you are a neat-nick, OCD cleaning machine, or otherwise inclined to judge my house-keeping you might want to stop reading now! :)

For a while now I have been letting Graham take a shower in my master bathroom. After a couple of days it occurred to me that he was taking in there to get done. The other day I realized why.

Folks, that's not steam on the awesome 80's gold shower door. That hard water deposits. And Graham has been doing his art work in it. When I took a closer look there were 6 hearts, 9 tic-tac-toe games and a variety of swirls and other lines. Maybe next year we'll start practicing our spelling words here and kill 2 bird with 1 stone! :) HA!

To say that I need to enlist  Bobby's help to clean up in is the understatement of the year!

Grady decided that he needed to jump in the picture too! I love love love my little excuse for not getting anything done around here!

Hope ya'll are having a great Thursday! Any "confessions" going on in your house this week??


Anonymous said...

it will be done this weekend babe

Anonymous said...


you need an automatic shower cleaner once you get that


The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Mine looks exactly like that!! Ha!! Except I've been practicing writing baby names!! Hey....grown ups can also be creative ;) William needs to clean our bathroom too!! I think he was supposed to a week ago :D

Grady is such a cute little guy!!

ccc said...

I have many little "confessions" going around our house!
I like to do child labor for shower doors/bathtubs. For some reason some kids think scrubbing shower doors and bathtubs are fun.

Anonymous said...

LOL..thats funny stuff. :) Oh, we all have those little "confessions" :)

And my mother would ablsolutely have a heart attack, but I swept two days ago and I couldnt find my dust pan and and thr pile is still there. Yuck. And those snowcones..well I bribed the kids to help me do laundry to get them:)
Ashley:) Why am I back to not being able to leave you comments? argh!

New Year Mum said...

What a great thing to do in the shower... our little one loves writing in the steam :)) Love always xoxo

Frameless Shower Door said...
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