Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pregnancy Update ~ Week 26!

Can I get a Whoop Whoop! Less than a 100 days to go! 98 to be exact... but probably less. With a scheduled C-Section in my future my doctor will do it around 2 weeks early!

Here are some of the most recent pictures of our little cutie-patootie from last week's doctors appointment.

I love love love that I get to see him so often. For as crazy nervous as I am right now, I am beyond thankful that I get such a wonderful reassurance every two weeks that he is still ok! I have noooo idea how I made it through my older boys pregnancies with hardly any ultrasounds!

Pregnancy Update:

How Far Along: 26 Weeks!

Size of Baby: About 13-1/2" long and around 2 pounds. I'll find out next Tuesday how much more he has grown!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Surprisingly holding steady. I don't think that I gained or lost weight this past week or two.I thought that I would have gained a ton of weight with the steroid shots. I could tell a lot in my face that I was retaining tons of water.

Maternity Clothes: All the time. Nothing fits anymore. At all.

Gender: Still a little boy cooking away in there!

Movement: Some days he's a rock star (thank goodness both yesterday and today) and moves all the time. Other days it seems like he just wants to take a break and its just tiny little flutters only here and there that drive me crazy!

Sleep: This has been getting better this week! (I know I just jinxed myself...) My regular OB said that it will be hard for me to sleep now while on partial bed rest. The lack of movement on my part accompanied by the lack of sunlight will really mess with my internal clock.

What I Miss: Being a regular active Momma that can completely take care of her family! I know that I'm doing what I need to do for this baby right now but it still makes me sad that I have 3 other guys here that I can't take care of like I'd like to.

Cravings: Red meat (I can not get enough hamburgers right now!) and cole slaw. Yummy!

Symptoms: I'm starting to swell now in the Texas heat! Other than that I feel pretty good physically!

Best Moment This Week: Knowing that the 3rd Trimester is just around the corner! Some Internet sites I look at say that this starts at 27 weeks and others say 28 weeks. What the heck? In the past I've always gone by 28 weeks but considering that 27 weeks is just next week for me I may change my mind and start my 3rd Trimester then! :)


Melanie Mueller said...

Oh my goodness! My nephew is super cute in there!!
I know it probably pokes by for you but I am thinking wow-you are way over halfway now! Thank GOD!!!
Love ya!

ccc said...

Such great photos of his face! It does seem strange that we went through other pregnancies unfazed, when now we need the constant reassurance. I say to start the 3rd trimester at 27 weeks :)

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Whoop whoop!! Less than 100 days!!! Yay!! He is just so adorable!!!! I totally understand the whole Texas heat thing!! I hate's so humid and yucky!! I can't wait until winter!!

The Anglin Family said...

You really don't have too much longer!! Baby looks so stinking precious!! :)))

Tristan said...

awww...he's so cute!!!

Katie said...

Love those sweet pictures of baby #4. ; )

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