Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day To The Two Best Dads!

I feel that right now I am the luckiest lady alive! I have been blessed to have had such a wonderful Daddy and now I have the best husband ever who is also such a amazing Daddy!

Bobby, my love, I am soo thankful every single day that our boys are blessed beyond belief to have you as their father. I know that as they grown into strong, capable, independent young men they will see that they have gotten these amazing qualities from you! Their sweet, fun, and spunky personalities are due to your guidance and support.

They have (and are still) learned so many things from you in their short little lives. They both share your love for the outdoors and nature. They will both grow up to be avid hunters and fishermen. I could not be more proud of their ability to be self-sufficient if they ever needed to be! They both love and respect their parents, friends, elders, and God. It warms my heart soo much that they have this compassionate nature that they inherited from you!

At the tender ages of 9 and 3 they are both already amazing little guys and I can't wait to see how much more they learn, grow and develop with you as their Daddy!

We all love you soo much!

Sweet Bobby holding Graham for the first time! Poor guy, I think he was soo scared (if you couldn't tell by the look on his face :). I completely understand though. Graham was a pretty sick little guy who spent his first 4 days in the NICU. I also think that Graham was the first baby that he ever held!

Here is Bobby and Graham on the day that he was released from the hospital. They had finally brought him to my room and we were beyond relieved. I'm soo proud of my Bobby. Look at how natural and self assured he is holding Graham just a couple of days later! What a pro! :)

 This is Bobby and Grady when he was about 2-1/2 months old. I love love love this picture!
Here are my sweet boys several days after Grady came home from the hospital. Can you tell that Bobby already needs toothpicks to keep his eyes open! :)

 I also couldn't do a Father's Day post without stopping for a second to talk about my Daddy. Sadly he passed away in November of 2008 and I miss him soo much!

Circa 1976

Daddy's little girl!

I miss him soo much. So many times I want to call him on the phone when I have a problem that I need his advise on. Now, I just stop and think "What would he do?" and that is usually my answer! :)I feel so sad that he will never get to meet our newest baby but at the same time feel so fortunate that our dear little Caroline has a Grandparent in Heaven to watch over her. My dad was an amazing husband, father, architect, grandfather and so much more!

I hope that everyone had just as great a Father's Day as we did! Bobby made us all some of the most amazing BBQ that deserves its own post for tomorrow!


Melanie Mueller said... all the old photos. Wow- Bobby looked like a baby in the ones with Graham. ;)
Especially love the ones you scanned of you and your dad. So sweet! Made me tear up.

Tristan said...

what a precious post!!

Amy said...

I think about my dad all the time too... It especially sucks because he died right before father's day (and right after my birthday-- the months of may and june were really hard on me...
I used to call him all the time to ask about car stuff or house stufff and sometimes even gardening stuff. He tended to drone on and on when a few simple sentences would have answered the question and I would get a little frustrated with him. What I wouldn't give now to hear him drone on and on!
You're right-- you've couldn't have ended up

Amy said...

with a better father for your children! Bobby's the greatest!

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