Friday, March 2, 2012

Google Cracks Me Up

I was just checking my stats ('cause I'm nosy like that :) and I am rolling on my kitchen floor laughing so hard right now because someone just checked out my blog when they did a Google search for :

"16 and pregnant cheer leading outfit big pregnant belly"

What the what???


This is me...

NOT :)

Oh wait, maybe they were confused and looking for this picture of me...

Wrong again Google... Try once more.

Tee-hee. I just couldn't resist! :)

Funnily enough any of these would have better suited that search result instead of my little blog!!

Google's algorithm needs to go back to the drawing table!

No telling now what will show up having done this post. :)


Sarah said...

Soooo funny!!!

The Anglin Family said...

Haha Hillary!!!! :-))

ccc said...

too funny--are you sure those aren't pics of you???LOL
I look at my stats sometimes too. I have a lot of google requests looking for twins ultrasound pics. Happy to share that info,

The Mama said...

That is hilarious!!! TOOO FUNNY!!

The other day, someone was on my blog and the google search said "dirty kitchen table" and then a few mins later they came back bc they said "messy house". I was like HOW RUDE! Haha

Google is too funny sometimes!

KERRY said...

You'd look better than any of them in a cheerleading outfit Hillary!!
I never have any interesting stats :(
Too funny!!

Tesha said...

So funny. Hillary you give me hope my sense of humor will return. Thanks for the laugh!

ginmommy said...

Too funny!! :)))

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