Monday, March 5, 2012

On My Mind

Aren't blogs just the greatest places to brain dump! :)

I have all of these things rolling around in my head lately. Maybe this will let me have a bit of peace so I can stop obsessing and over-analyzing things.

  • Graham's birthday is this coming Thursday! I can not believe that I will have a 10 year old!! Must remember to do a birthday post....

  • Grady's preschool just called me because he's asking to use the restroom a lot. I think he might be a little "backed up". Poor thing. Should I go and pick him up early if they are calling me? They said he's ok though. Hmmmm....

  • Back to Graham's party, the house and yard are NOT ready for company to come over and see. We're having his party here at our house. Bobby and I are in a dilemma as to how we both get done what we need to get done to have everything ready. Do we hire a sitter to watch the boys so I can get the house ready (cause ya'll there is NO way to clean a house with my 3 boys around) or do we hire someone to come and do the yard while Bobby watches the kids and I do the house.  Like Bobby said, either way we are paying someone money... (For the record Bobby gets home super late and it's already dark. He can only do it on the weekend)  

  • Do you RSVP right away when you get an invite or do you wait awhile and then do it? I included my email address also for people who are more comfortable not cold calling parents that they've never met before but I still haven't heard back from people. I'm stressing because I really need to start working on how much food we'll need.

  • Can you tell that I've been spending the bulk of my time worrying about Graham's birthday party? :) You will, undoubtedly, be hearing me talk about Graham's birthday and my stressing several more times in the near future. 

  • One of my best friends just lost a very close family member in a horrible way. I'm so sad for her and her entire family right now. I can't stop thinking about it. I am watching her youngest for her this week and next. She's about  a year and a half old and just as cute as a button! Great for my friend so she can focus on her grief and helping her family out with funeral plans and good (financially) for me too!

  • Griffin has been a crazy grump all morning. This is usually not like him. I must remember to check for a tooth later today! (I couldn't wait. I just checked and no tooth)

  • Graham told me this weekend that some other boys at school were mean to him and told him to "shut up". I'm sure that there was more to their conversation that I would not have like to hear. He said that he told them that if they keep it up he was going to tell the teacher. He said that the situation didn't really bother him but it's REALLY bugging me. Grrr. Are we already at that age of bullying and hurt feelings? I hate this.

  • My dog Crash got out for the second time in like 3 days. I'm soo put out by this. This topic might just deserve its own post.

Anything on your mind that you'd like to get off your chest?


The Mama said...

I love reading what is on your mind.

For the record, I say hire a sitter so you can clean. Yeah, it sucks to have to do that, but if it will help you feel better about the house, then I say you need to do it.

On my mind...hmm. I think I've bitten off more than I can chew for spring cleaning this year and it's already starting to stress me out. Haha

The Anglin Family said...

Yes, hire a sitter. Or, dont worry about it so much.
In my experience, alot of parents will not call. They just show up.
Yes, he is at that age. Laiken and Cade tell me the way some of the other kids at school act and it blows my mind. Some kid was mean to Cade the other day and Cade called him a nasty word and got in lots of trouble. I decided I might just need to homeschool them all, haha.
Sorry Griffin has been grumpy today!
PS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT stress out about the Bday party. It will be fine. :-)

Tesha said...

Hi Hillary I say forget the sitter hire a cleaning company, and take your kids to the park while they clean. We have a B-day this week to and I reallllly don't feel up to it. Thank goodness she is just three and doesn't have huge expectations.

NewYearMum said...

Sounds like you've got a lot on at the moment... wow - a 10 y.o birthday party... he's really growing up :)) Hope all your birthday plans fall into place... I'm sure that whatever you organise will be spectacular xoxo

Candance said...

In my experience, I get a lot of kids dropped off by parents saying, "OMG, I forgot to RSVP. I hope it's okay." Sometimes, those parents make me stabby.

And don't even talk about houses and yards that need to be cleaned. The people from Hoarders will be here any second.

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