Thursday, March 22, 2012

WordPress Is Looking Mighty Nice Right Now...

I can NOT begin to tell you how irritated I am right now with Blogger. I am going on Day 2 on having a glitch involving my dashboard with no end in sight. The error I keep getting looks like this...(oh wait see the bottom of the post for the error message because POS Blogger will not let me type anything below the copied "error message". I'm shocked.)

When I first received this message I though, "no biggie, I'll just report my problem". It truly was no biggie until I started searching and couldn't find a way to contact blogger to let them know of my error message. The note, if you will notice later specifically states "When reporting this error to BLOGGER SUPPORT or on the BLOGGER HELP GROUP..." but, guess what! No such places exist! I searched and searched and then had my tech-savvy hubby search and search but nothing! I then googled the two different terms. They took me a very general area in which you can select from about 4 different frequently asked questions. None of those 4 suited my problem. When I tried to go to the "Blogger Help Group" that google sent me to it was a private, invite only site. WHAT?? But the error message had just told me to go there?! {In case you have not noticed I'm whining like one of my kids right now...}

I am beyond irritated  right now. What the heck am I supposed to do?

Right now, it seems that I can publish all the blog posts that I want to but from now until probably forever I can not access any of my reading list. My hubby's awesome suggestion was that I just look at the list of blogs on my right sidebar of my own blog and check them from there except that that is only 1/100th of the people that I follow. This is my apology now if I cease commenting on your blog.  

The only thing that I was able to find was some sort of Blogger "product forum" what ever that is supposed to mean. I filled out some kind of form and now I am on some kind of random list with about a million other pissed off Bloggers that list their complaints against Blogger. I seriously doubt that anyone in the Blogger Tech  Department really even checks it. They have, however, managed to email me said list multiple times a day with all the new people listing their complaints and unresolved issues. It's like some sick promotion to leave Blogger in the dust and go elsewhere to blog.

Am I some kind of idiot and totally missed some bright shiny button that I can click that will take me to the right place? If you don't blog on Blogger where do you and do you like it??

If you are still reading my rant, below is the error message I see 1000 times a day that I log into my blogger dashboard to see if it's working yet...

We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.
When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:
  • Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
  • Provide the following error code.
This information will help us to track down your specific problem and fix it! We apologize for the inconvenience.


Amber DiTullio said...

I came across your blog searching for the same error message. And I'll admit, I'm looking pretty seriously at WordPress as well. I've been trying to delete several inactive blogs, or ones that I don't read much any more and having no luck. Because when I delete it in Reader, they pop back up again!

So that's all to say that I feel your pain on this. Blogger is seriously screwing up here! I'm ready to move all my blogs over (and I have 3).

Stephanie said...

Hmmm... what are you doing when you get that message? I get that message often when I am designing blogs, but it usually only happens when I am trying to edit or tweak part of the HTML code that blogger really doesn't want me messing with.

Are you looking at the new blogger interface or the old one still?

Honestly, I have never had any help from blogger when it comes to blogs- I always google by problem and find resolution from other sites.

The Mama said...

Ugh that is so annoying I am so so sorry!! I am no help with it, but I can commiserate with you at least. Ugh!!!

Sarah said...

I wish I was tech savvy...but, I am not. Have you tried looking on you tube for instructions? I know that sounds crazy, but there is soooo much blogger help stuff on you tube.

Tristan said...

that stinks!
i have ALWAYS just went off of my blog list on my blog!

Beth Ann said...

I have never gotten that message! :( OY. I haven't switched to the new interface yet but I have seen the option to on the dashboard...maybe if you switch to the new one it will all magically work? Hope it resolves asap!

KERRY said...

Oooh I haven't seen that before
:( How frustrating!!
I hope it gets fixed for you soon!!!
And just incase you don't have me on your side bar here is my URL
Wouldn't want to lose you!!!
Luv you friend xo

DandelionBreeze... previously NYMum said...

Wow... that sounds like a major problem... how frustrating !!! I had a problem with Blogger last year and couldn't find an answer either... then one day it magically resolved itself :) Hope it works out xoxo

Candance said...

I hate technology. But I am glad to know your lack of comments isn't due to a lack of love ;0).

I don't know much about Word Press, so I have no words of wisdom.

Tesha said...

Oh gosh like you need something else. Well I did mess with my HTML once and got an error message I uploaded a template I had downloaded. If you have ever downloaded you template re upload.....make sure you download your current one first. So sorry friend, how frustrating uggggg.

VivalaVida said...

How annoying! That definitely stinks! I usually log in just to post and use bloglovin to follow blogs. I can categorize them and they email me daily all the new posts. I can't believe there really isn't anyone from blogger to help with this. I've also considered wordpress but the design is expensive!

Jayme said...

I love my wordpress blog :)
Come to the dark side...

I do have a blogger blog, and I'm not amused with the new dashboard. I don't know if you've enabled that or not... but yeah.

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