Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Graham!

Dear Graham,

Happy 10th Birthday! Your brother, Daddy and I had such a fun time surprising you this morning by yelling "Happy Birthday" as loud as we could to wake you up :). We loved singing you the Happy Birthday song while you were still in bed and I know you enjoyed it too. The smile on your face said it all :). We wanted you to feel how loved you are from the moment you woke up this morning. 

From the moment you were born, you forever changed our lives. We became Momma and Daddy for the first time! You have blessed our lives with so much joy and sunshine that sometimes our hearts can not contain all the emotion.

My Daddy, Papa Ralph. He has since passed on but still watches over you.

You were such a fun happy baby! You made us smile I sometimes can not get over how much your little brother Griffin looks just like you! He will grow up to be as handsome as you are. :)

Your smile is always contagious and we love to hear your hilarious jokes and stories that you bring home from school!

We are so thankful that you have such a loving and giving spirit. Momma does not know someday's what I would do with out you! When your little brothers are just too much you always lend a helping hand by either holding a cranky Griffin for me or playing a fun game with Grady.

You love to learn and have so many grown up interest! I love to hang out with you because we like to so many of the same things. We love to go to the movies, museums, and book stores together. You are a mini-me :). You struggle in school some but you just try soo hard to over-come you difficulties that you inspire me to try harder myself!

Graham, we love you more than words can describe! We are so blessed and so thankful that we get to be your parents!

Happy 10th birthday big kid!!


Momma and Daddy


Melanie Mueller said...

Happy Birthday Graham Lucas!!! You are such a loving and handsome boy and your cousins love you TONS!! Uncle Cody and I do too!!

The Mama said...

Happy birthday Graham! I hope today is SUCH a wonderful day for you!!!

Happy BIRTH day to you too Momma!! :)

The Anglin Family said...

Happy birthday Graham!!!!
Griffin looks SO much like him;)))))
Hope y'all have an amazing day!

Tesha said...

Such a sweet blessed boy! Sending prayer for a BLESSED day. They grow up way to fast.

Michele said...

Happy Birthday!

Beth Ann said...

Very sweet post- Happy Birthday to Graham! Griffin does look A LOT like him!

NewYearMum said...

Happy birthday to him :)) Love all the photos from over the years... hope you all have a wonderful day :)) xoxo

Recipe for a baby said...

Happy Birthday Graham, hope you had a terrific day!

ginmommy said...

Happy Birthday to your boy! Sweet post!

Amy said...

I couldn't remember exactly when you're father passed away... I'm so glad he got to meet Graham. I loved all the pics and that I could meet him when he was just a few days old! :)

KERRY said...

Happy 10th Birthday Graham!! I hope he had an awesome day Hillary. He's a gorgeous boy xo

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