Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Griffin's Prize

If Griffin can manage to take just ONE decent nap this week then he will win a prize..

That's right friends, Griffin will win the opportunity to wear a boob on his head. (Now I can't wait to see how many weirdo's find their way to my family blog by googling "boob on head".)

Now if Griffin is ever a rotten teenager then I will pull out pictures of me feeding him while he's wearing this hat and show them to all of his friends. :)

Is this not the funniest hat that you have EVER seen! My friend Candance makes them. She has a hilarious sense of humor no? :) Roll over to her etsy shop and check her out!

I'm pretty sure that she makes these in drink koozies too ( you know, if your hubby needs a prize or something...) :)


NewYearMum said...

Hilarious :)) Love the teenage idea :) xo

KERRY said...

Hahaha, he could wear that and you could wear your white leather skirt!

Beth Ann said...

I have seen these on pinterest or somewhere before. Quite funny. ;)

The Anglin Family said...

Ha I saw one of these on Pinterest!! Funny stuff:-) cute to feed your child in public with lol...

ccc said...

Hilarious! Never seen these before.

Tristan said...

where were these when i was nursing!

Anonymous said...

ROVE...RICK...they are talking about RISA- GED- DI- DASSAULT.
And everyone is talking FATHA- Frenchmob.
And they say IRA- PLO - " GESSIS"...all the way with TURNER.
And that's with MITT ROMNEY?
And then, they bring in HOLLYWOOD with RECILLCO !
That's GROSS!
With LEO!
And CAPPAGEM - she's got just TONS of CAPESSIN!
Know what happened then?
He's marking mob....

Tesha said...

Hillary you crack me up! I was just feeling so low and you made me laugh AGAIN, your the best.

The Mama said...

TOOOOO Funny!!!!!!

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