Friday, March 23, 2012

When One Thing Leads To Another

This concept happens a lot around my house :).

Bobby says one thing and I end up just running loose. My poor, but very understanding husband loves me so much (thank goodness).

Two weeks ago, I had to crawl up under the table one day to fetch a lost toy of Grady's and just happened to look up and saw what appeared to be a hidden leaf. Later that night I mentioned it to Bobby and sure enough I was right!! Mind you, we have had this dining room table now for about 8 years and never noticed. Sad. Our cute little table now stretches out to the most glamorous proportions!

Spurred on by the recent development of our gorgeous new table, Bobby re-centered the table under the chandelier. I just happened to comment to Bobby just how much I hated it. (Think gold and very '80s.) Bobby's response to me was "You can have a new chandelier once you paint the dining room." I said, "I'm going to the hardware store now then."

I began taping off the walls that night and even started a little of the painting too. It's not a huge room so it only took me a couple of days. The worst of it was the 10 foot ceilings required to to climb up Bobby's big ladder like 4000 times. I swear I lost weight while I was painting :).

Before : 
(sorry this is just a random old picture so you can see the crazy white/green combo walls)

After :

 This is the view from the door to the kitchen

 This is the view from the hallway by our front door. 

The horrid chandelier that has to go.

I'm super excited about how it all turned out! It is so much more "me". Cozy but a tad elegant and lots of rich warmth. It has spurred me on to wanting to start other room painting projects! Then next thing on my list is our downstairs hallway. I just know that Bobby can't wait. :)

So you see, had Grady never lost his toy, had the leaf never been discovered, the table never re-centered, the ugly chandelier discussed, I never would have painted. Funny how one thing leads to another! 


Tristan said...


and maybe get new shades for the lights on the doesnt look too bad!

Michele said...

When are you coming to paint my house ? ;)

ccc said...

I absolutely love that color! my husband won't let me go that dark :(
but, like you is such an elegant color
and, yay!! on the larger table w/o having to go out and buy it

Beth Ann said...

Haha! It looks great! Have you considered spray painting the chandelier? I have seen things like that transformed to beautiful with some "oil rubbed bronze" spray paint!

The Anglin Family said...

Haha Hillary;) sounds like something that might occur around here!
I love you new dining room!!! It looks great! Hope you find a great new light fixture!!!
Happy weekend!

KERRY said...

Hehehe too funny!! Great job Hillary, you did well, it looks awesome!! And, you never even intended on doing it :)

Tesha said...

Hillary I love it is beautiful! Warm and cozy just like you said. Wish we could have dinner in there with you guys! Gosh you have a lot of energy first the kids room now this, I need to get off the computer and do something,LOL.

Candance said...

LOVE that color!! Sooo gorgeous!! Excellent work-on the painting and getting rid of the chandelier!!

DandelionBreeze... previously NYMum said...

Looks amazing... you're very clever :)) xoxo

Kacey said...

Another room down, Mother of the year strikes again!

ginmommy said...

I love it! Good for you!!

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