Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Can't Hardly Wait

Until Summer is here! Or, at least Spring. It's soo close that I can feel it. I can smell it in the air these days and it's just teasing us right now. I'm ready for the days where we can wear shorts every day, sleep in just a tad bit late because there is no school to rush off too, and we're lounging in the pool every day.

I'm ready to replace all of these coats with swim bags

and mittens and hats with swim goggles and water toys.

I'm ready to get these guys out for long walks in the neighborhood

I'm ready for the days that we spend playing and working in the yard, seeing movies in the middle of the day, and fun weeks spent at summer camp, vacation bible school, and swimming lessons. 

I'm ready for maybe a little trip to the coast and up to Dallas to see my Momma. 

Ya'll, I'm ready!


The Anglin Family said...

Me too!!!!!!!!!!! These 70 degree days don't help much- makes me want summer!!!

The Mama said...

I admit it, I'm ready too! For a long time I was holding onto hope for this winter...but now, I'm just ready. Our spring break is in just a few weeks and I'm thinking that is going to really help get me in the summer spirit!

NewYearMum said...

Always amazing to think that while you're heading into spring... we're heading into autumn !! I'm sick of the heat here & looking forward to winter things now :)) xo

Recipe for a baby said...

In this part of the world I'm looking forward to Winter :) The 95 degree days make me look forward to rugging up!

Tesha said...

I live in perpetual summer.... sunny CA so I never see a change of season. I was just hoping to head to the mountains to see some snow before it is gone. Although I say a hearty AMEN to no more school! Thanks for the encouragement this morning it means so much.

KERRY said...

Does it get cold enough for gloves and beanies in Texas? I picture it hot there all year round. I bet you're looking forward to it so much, I know I do when Spring is approaching!
How long do the kids have off school for Spring Break?
Our kids have four weeks of school left before a two week break around Easter.
Look at little *Graham* sitting in that pram ;)
Adorable boys...xo

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