Friday, March 2, 2012

Griffin Is 5 Months Old!

My baby is already 5 months old! How did this happen??

I swear the last time I looked at him he looked like this...

By the way, this is THE very first picture of our baby Griffin! 

The other day I ordered the cutest little outfit for him off an etsy site. I have been dying to find him some of those super cute baby leg warmers. I know, its already so hot here but I just couldn't resist! He just had to wear it today!

Ha! I wasn't sure what kind of mood Mr. Griffin would be in this morning so I decided to grab a quick picture of the outfit before it went on. :) I think the leg warmers will still look super cute with with short sleeved onsies this spring. 

"Look at my new trick!"

He doesn't stay like this for long but he does get excited to try! Do ya'll just love that little bald spot in the back of his head? Momma loves it :).

Griffin you are 5 months old now! (well actually a couple of days ago because your Momma is a slacker!)


  • are wearing mostly 9 month clothes. I don't think that you weigh all that much (maybe 19 pounds if I had to guess) but you are really long!
  • are eating off a spoon! We started you out on rice cereal once a day and you liked it. We then tried you out on oatmeal cereal and you LOVE it. Thanks Beth Ann ! You are now eating it twice a day. I'd like to go just another couple of weeks before we start the fruits and veggies.
  •  are still in size 2 diapers in some brands. If I get a different brand I'll need to go up to size 3!
  •  are sleeping much better now. You still wake up at least once (sometimes much more) during the night and need your Paci replaced but you don't cry at all when I leave the room. I'm soo proud of you for this!
  • hate naps. This is our daily battle. Sometimes you just get exhausted and finally give in (like once a week) and take a HUGE nap. I wished this happened every day. You'd be soo much happier!
  • go to sleep most nights by 6:30 pm and are awake by 5:30 am. This seems so early but when both of your older brothers are already up and getting ready for school you are ready to join the fun too!
Griffin, you are such a blessing in Momma and Daddy's life. We can't imagine a time that you were not here with us! I can not wait to see how much you've changed and grown by this time next month! Will you have a tooth (your brothers did!), will you be trying to sit up all on your own, will you be scooting more around the floor? I can't wait to find out!

And just for grins because I just now realized that you can't see Griffin's sweet face in any of the pictures, here is one more!

"Hi Everyone!"


KERRY said...

He's a gorgeous boy Hillary!! You must be so proud :)
Cute outfit too!
Happy 5 months baby boy xoxo

The Mama said...

He is so so so so cute!!! I LOVE that last picture of him! Crazy that he is already 5 months!

Tesha said...

Hillary Thanks so much for the email!
I was trying to read Caroline's story I got part one is there a part two I missed? I love that your blog is not just baby loss I also want mine to be a family journal. I am just so overwhelmed with grief right now it's all I can write about. I love the first photo of your little guy super special, thanks for sharing.

VivalaVida said...

He's so adorable!!!! I hope one day we can have a play date and our boys can meet :) They seem to grow up so fast!!!!

Recipe for a baby said...

So cute, I love the leg warmers!

Recipe for a baby said...

So cute, I love the leg warmers!

Beth Ann said...

SO cute! Yay oatmeal! And YAY baby legwarmers! LOVE THEM!!!! Holden is going bald, too. ;)

Amy said...

Baby leg warmers?? Really? What will etsy come up with next? :)

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