Monday, March 19, 2012

Grady's New Big Boy Room!

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted! Horrible, I know. We've been so crazy busy lately that I just haven't had the time. Sometimes it's either blog or sleep. I promise you I will choose sleep every.single.time. :)

So we finally have Grady's room done! 

My big kid is so excited! 

I pretty much took pictures from every conceivable angle possible :). 

The above picture is the view of his room as you walk in. I moved his dresser to a different wall and now have zero regrets as to how big it is. It holds all of his things with room to spare!! I love how sturdy it is (My big 'ole self stood on top of it to paint part of the ceiling and it didn't even so much as creak...)

Speaking of painting, I did his whole room all by myself! It was a horrible flat white color. Yuck. It was soo dirty and gross. I painted his room in a semi-gloss so when I have to clean his walls I can just hose them down. It looked so good that I've now got plans to paint the whole rest of the house in this neutral semi-gloss as well!

And here is his new bed! Also super sturdy seeing as how he almost demolished his crib and destroyed 3 crib mattresses. Please ignore the potty next to the bed, he uses it at nap time when he has to go. We still have to gate him in his room due to ongoing nighttime wandering problems and so he's usually not able to get out to the regular restroom in time before a potty accident happens. 

**Update-the potty have been removed from the room and tossed into the trash (nasty thing). Grady has since proved reliable about making it to the restroom in time! Yay!

I really felt the need to post a picture of the corner of his room. I'm not quite sure why, it is just a corner after all. :) This is where we read at night though. Grady will pile up on his bean bag chair while we sit on the floor and read to him. I love this part of the day!

And here is another random picture of his room. The empty wall will soon have a small book case there. I just need to get it painted a pretty red first! If you could please ignore the junk in the hall way... it was a major spring cleaning day at our house and tons of stuff got sent packing!

On a funny side note, Grady witnessed me all day cleaning and then taking pictures (these were taken several weeks ago). Just yesterday I was in his room making his bed and he asked me if I was taking pictures again. Apparently that is the only reason I clean. Maybe I should do it more often. You know, for the sake of having a clean house and not for blogging.

And here is Grady's closet. Not super exciting or anything. I also need to get a little something to hold toys in here. Surprise surprise, Grady broke the last one. 

On either side of his closet he has great little shelves for book or toys. They look only about half filled here, but last week I grabbed all the kid books that were hanging out in our living room and put them up here. The shelves are now filled and almost sagging with books

Lest everyone tries to rush out at the same time to buy me the "MOTHER OF THE YEAR" award, this is what the floor of Graham's room looks like. Like all of it. His room is next!


ginmommy said...

I like it! It's really cute :)))

Candance said...

Cute room, Mama!! And Graham's floor looks just like Max's. It makes me stabby, especially when I step on one of those freaking Legos in the middle of the night. At least they hurt less than Thomas.

I'm Cindi... said...

Hi Hillary! Girl, these shelves in the closet are the answer. I was wondering what to do get all of my five year old's books out of those huge open (cloth but sturdy) storage bins and off of the floor. Love this! BTW, I found your blog after posting a comment at Tesha's Treasures. :) Hope you have an awesome day!

NYMum... soon to be DandelionBreeze said...

Looks fantastic... you did an amazing job :)) xoxo

KERRY said...

OK, first up (I am trying to remember everything I want to say) Ryan and Graham would get along so well in real life seeing they both love their rooms looking like that :)
Secondly, sorry, but I had to smile when you said how many mattresses and cots (cribs) Grady had gone through already, what is he doing?? Lol
Thirdly, I smiled again when you said you stood on his dresser without it so much as creaking hahaha too funny (I love his furniture btw).
I didn't even know that was a potty until you mentioned it lol
I loved picturing you guys sitting there reading at night and you can actually hose down his walls?? Wouldn't you get the carpet all wet?
Oh and it is cute how you did this post because my post today is Liam's room!!
Love you my Texan friend xoxoxox

Beth Ann said...

Very cute! :)

Kacey said...

Looks great Hillary. Mother of the Year, one room at a time :) Hope you're having a great week!

Tesha said...

Lol...The only reason I clean these days is for a photo shoot. When I took the ones in my bedroom my husband came home and said...WOW what happened in here? I love the shelves GREAT IDEA! What's up with lego'ss???? in our house I find them EVERYWHERE!
So one of my friends, tagged me in a blog game...It was kind of fun, I tagged you, so if you want to play follow the instructions on my blog. (By the way after you read this post you will know it was actually my cheerleading pic on your blog a couple of weeks ago)--Rolling with giggles--(you pick which one)Heee
I love the room mother of the year!!!

VivalaVida said...

It looks perfect! I can't believe Grady has broken so many things!! He is just too darn funny and cute! I feel ya on the sleep! I rather sleep than anything else! Do you do story time with Griffin yet? Do you fit in before his last feeding or after? I've been trying to get story time in our schedule but not sure where to fit it because by time we get home it's bath time, then he gets fussy that he's hungry, then he falls asleep while I feed him. Don't really know when to hold him off for story time.

Tristan said...

cute! i like the stars!

Melanie Mueller said...

It looks so good! I love the dresser in that spot. Love that big boy!

Kathleen said...

so cute! you did a great job with it!

ccc said...

looks great!
We also paint all hallways and main rooms in the same neutral(light tan) semi -gloss. It makes it so easy to touch up.
always choose sleep over blogging LOL

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

That looks perfect--sooo fun. I bet he loves it :0)

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