Thursday, March 29, 2012

Griffin Is 6 Months Old!

My sweet sweet baby is a whole six months old! How are we already half-way to one year old??

I think that this baby stage is one of the best :). He is so smiley, cheery, leaning new things every day, playing with toys, and interacting with brothers.

Griffin is :

  • around 20-21 pounds. I'm just guessing. We will find out on Monday when we go in for his 6 month checkup.
  • wearing size 3 diapers and size 9-12 month clothes. Some 9 month sizes fit great and other ones are too small and he needs a 12 month (particularly for the length).
  • getting 2 teeth on bottom! They are not through the skin yet but it is seriously a matter of just a couple more days. His little gums on the bottom are swollen and I've been checking a couple of times a day just waiting to feel that little tale-tell feel of something sharp :).
  • still nursing on demand during the day and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in his high chair. During the late afternoon hours my milk seems to start to give out and I have to supplement with formula. I figure that I'll nurse for as long as it still works for both of us and supplement as needed. I made it to my 6 month goal so we'll just see what happens from here on out.
  • eating all sorts of things! His loves so far are avocado and bananas. He has eaten sweet potatoes, squash, apples, pears, and green beans. He hasn't found one yet that he doesn't like. He might take after his mother :).
  • napping a couple of times a day... on a good day. We sometimes have weeks where he goes on terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad napping strikes. This make him (and by default, me) very grumpy. 
  • going to sleep most nights by 6:30. He is almost always awake by 5:30 the next morning. Some nights he is an awesome sleeper and goes the whole night with out waking. Most nights he's up 473 times. I might be slightly stir crazy from all the lack of sleep accumulated over the last  6 months.
  • starting to get thick hair! It's coming in pretty light  blond with maybe the tiniest hint of red.

My littlest boy is becoming the funniest guy ever! We recently went to a family function and Griffin nearly about went crazy trying to get to a plate of brownies :).

He kept throwing himself to one side of the infant carrier to get closer to them and then licked the carrier until we finally put the plate away. My boy already know what tastes good and he's never even tasted them yet! :)

Griffin can almost sit up. We just need a tad bit more upper body strength and balance and then he'll be golden. He also can roll front to back and then back to front. He doesn't like to show these skills off very much though. He likes to wait until I'm out of the room then do his rolling trick. :) I will walk back in and find him rolled over a different way than I left him!

I can hardly wait to see how Griffin grows and develops over the next six months. There are just so many fun things to come! 

Oh! And I didn't forget to take the cute, fun pictures of Griffin with the little stickies on his shirt. I'll add those later to this post when I get around to taking them. :)


Tristan said...

he is too cute...holy cow already 6 months!!!

Kacey said...

He's so cute and cuddly! James doesn't like to show off his rolling skills to me either. They must know when we're out of the room. Make sure you give those cheeks some kisses from me!

Tesha said...

Hillary he is so cute. I love these pictures! 437 HA that's a lot, just know someone in CA is probably up also, blog stalking.LOL!

KERRY said...

473 times? What are you complaining about, that's not much ;)
What a gorgeous little boy you are raising there Hillary, he is growing up so quick!
Happy 6 months griffin xo

Beth Ann said...

Love his hair! We have Holden's 6 mo appointment on Monday, too! Boo for shots. :(

6:30 bedtime! Holy cow! Makes Holden's 9:30-10:30 bedtime seem LATE! I've thought about putting him to bed earlier before but I'm afraid he won't sleep as well or that he will then wake up WAY too early for me! Haha!

Love his hair! Such a cutie! And teeth! Ahh! Crazy how fast these babes are growing! Congrats on making it to 6 months nursing- that's great!

Jayme said...

He's so sweet!

Wasn't he just born yesterday?!

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