Friday, March 30, 2012

Updates To My Last Post and Remembering Her

Haha. Who am I kidding! I thought of like a thousand more things that I need to update on than just the two mentioned in my blog post title!

  • This morning Bobby went upstairs for me to retrieve Griffin out of his crib to eat and he found him laying on his tummy for the first time. He rolls over on regular carpet sometimes but this is a first for his crib! I was wondering when this might happen. He still sleeps in his Halo Sleep Sack and its a tad bulky. I knew it would be harder for him to fight his way over to his tummy, but he did it!

  • Griffin has also gotten in a horrid habit of getting his little arms and legs stuck in between the bars of his crib. This is what is waking him up a little too early from naps (and most likely at night too). I need to go out this weekend I suppose and get those breathable bumpers for his bed. I think they are super ugly, but hey, if they help him sleep longer, bring on the ugliness. 

  • No teeth yet this morning. I just checked again :).

  • Ya'll are probably sick to death of hearing about my plants (but thank ya'll all so much for the sweet sweet comments anyway the other day!!) but we've gotten such great rain lately that so many beautiful trees, plants, and shrubs are blooming so wonderfully!

These Texas Blue Bonnets are blooming at the entrance of our neighborhood. For ya'll non-natives these are the state flower of Texas! Aren't they just gorgeous!

This rose bush of mine only had a couple of pretty blooms on it last week (which is usually all we get all.year.long) but this morning I discovered that it had gone crazy almost overnight and is now covered with blooms!

Our other rose bush is doing the same thing. In a few more days I'll take another picture to post because it will quite literally be riotous with blooms! It has a lot now (my picture is just not doing it justice) but check out the picture below...

Once again, it's hard to tell (HEY BOBBY I NEED A NEW CAMERA :) but all of those scraggly bits that you see are tiny little blooms just waiting. This bush will have hundreds of blooming flowers on it very soon!!

I don't have a picture of our fruit trees out front but they are also covered in blooms which means that we will have lemons and tangerines coming out our wazoos!

  • I went to the mall last weekend to use up some gift cards that I had gotten for my birthday last month. I snagged the cutest aviator sunglasses! A portion of the sides is covered in the prettiest coral enamel!  

  • Back to my littlest Griffin, he got a sippy cup!

For right now, he mostly just likes to play with it when I have him cooped up in his highchair. If I hold it to his mouth for him, he will drink the water out of it. He pretty much gives me the stink eye because he's not crazy about the water... Maybe I should put just a tad bit of formula in it for him and see if that goes over better :).

  • Griffin went to the grocery store with me the other day and what usually happens to him did happen and I managed to remember to take a picture. :)

His car seat doesn't fit at the top of the cart where it should go so he has to ride in the basket area. I just keep piling food around him (with the exception of the frozen) until he's nearly covered. Poor baby. Can you tell just how much he minds ;). Does this ever happen (or did it ever happen) to you?

  • Caroline has been on my mind a ton lately. I keep seeing this little red bird outside my window and I think of her every time. Usually we just get lots of little brown and boring birds here...
Can you see it in the trees ? 

I added this little Easter decoration next to Caroline's urn the other day. The pink bunny just seemed perfect for her!

  • Maybe I'm thinking more about Caroline these days because I just got done watching the episode on TLC about Michelle Duggar and the baby that she and her husband lost. We don't have cable but I sure did buy this episode on Amazon and watch it. Did you watch it and what did you think about it? I have heard tid bits online here and there from other BLM's and I'd like to add my two cents worth. So many people out there are wondering why would she and her husband share such a personal experience with so many people and why hold such a large church service for someone so little. I think that there are a lot of people (family's who have lost little ones and not lost little ones) that place so much judgement on what is or is not "gestationally appropriate". I firmly believe that things such as this can ONLY be left up to what the parents feel that they need to do to heal and feel better. It's not really about anyone else.  Also, kudos to Michelle and Jim Bob for sharing one of the worst moments of their life on national television. So many of us go through such a similar experience as them and yet the taboo of a child's death is still lingering! Many grieving parents are expected to hush up about what happened because it makes other uncomfortable. I say so what about others.  Maybe by sharing something so intensely personal others watching will be better able to help friends or family that experience the same. 

  • On a much lighter note gals, we had lunch at the cutest little antique store last weekend. You will NEVER guess what we discovered in there...

Did you ever play in one of these at a McDonald's play-yard when you were little? Both Bobby and myself did and we had the best memories of it!! We could not get over seeing one again! :)

  • Also while we were out we went to a cute little train museum. The boys had a wonderful time there! 

Love all my sweet boys!!

Wow, if you are still reading this you are awesome! Thanks for hanging in there for all my random mish-mash of whats been going on around here. It just gets harder and harder to find time to blog these days. I know that soon it will get better. Hang in there with me and hope that ya'll all have a great weekend!


KERRY said...

Lovely pics Hillary (Bobby, Hillary needs a new camera).
Griffin is watching over those groceries just fine isn't he :)
He is so much like his biggest brother and little Grady is so much like his sweet mummy :)
I read all the way to the end but no need to tell me I'm awesome ;)
I love random catch up posts, it gives me a peek inside your world.
What a beautiful little bird you have visiting you, and such sweet thoughts about your dear Caroline :)
For someone who claims to not be a green thumb, your garden is looking pretty nice so you must be lying!
I love aviator sunnies, I don't have them but I do think they are cool!

Tesha said...

Hillary I love all of your randomness, I can't stand when you don't post....I am like I miss Hillary! I have not seen the Duggards I did not know you could buy it I will do that. You know I agree about BABY loss I hope their episode makes people more compassionate. I love the Easter decoration...Caroline and Jonathan will have a beautiful Easter in heaven smiling on us....I just wish it did not hurt so stinken bad that they are not here. LOVE the sunglasses I need to get some new one also. Those blue bonnets are so pretty, (Texas is Awesome)! I love McDonald's play yard sadly in LA they are strait up nasty and not maintained:( Oh my that pic in the cart was so funny, my car seat did not fit either, Costco was ridiculous. I hope you have a beautiful blessed weekend!

The Anglin Family said...

Lol Hillary..I may not even remember this whole post while I'm commenting;)
I love bluebonnets! I'm half texan, though;) My daddy is from Austin. Your flowers are beautiful. Im going to work on flower beds this weekend.
Griffins cheeks make me wanna squeeze em..too bad him and Sawyer can't play together, ha!
You look cute in your new sunglasses. I totally dig the aviators!!!
I was holding SB while watching the Duggars episode. I was sobbing all over poor baby. I've heard some of the most negative responses and I have heard a few positive ones. When Michelle kept saying the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away, it took me back to my hospital room. I wish people understood how much I miss Ryan Elizabeth and that having a new baby doesn't take away. I'm glad that episode aired...
I love the bunny next to Caroline;)
Hugs!!!!! <3

Beth Ann said...

There are so many things I want to say about this post that I hope I remember them all! ;)

The shopping cart thing happens to us ALL the time. What do you do then when all of the stuff gets put into bags? Because then it takes up MORE room and there literally is no room for all of it! I have met this challenge before! Our carseat actually does sit up on top BUT I don't ever do it because I read once about a baby who was in the carseat on top of a cart and the cart hit a bump in the parking lot and down went the carseat...the baby was only a few months old and did not survive. I know...AWFUL! That story has scarred me. Also, my BIL who is an ER Doc says that he has seen more injuries from putting carseats atop carts like that than you would believe...

You look cute in those glasses!

The little Easter decoration you got for Caroline...I got an ornament very similar for our little angel baby the Christmas after the was a snowbaby like that one.

COMPLETELY agree with you on the Duggar's. Ok, I love the Duggar's. I know a lot of people like to hate on them...but why do I care how many kids they have? I actually really admire that they decided to commit that area of their life to the Lord and they have really stuck with it! I think they are great people. And I bawled through that whole episode but it was very inspiring to watch their strong faith play out through it all. It makes me angry that people have to form nasty opinions about them televising the service. Seriously? Why? It was a huge loss. I don't think anyone would be saying anything if it was one of their other children who had passed away. Oh, I could go on and on forever about this but I'll stop.

We have a breathable bumper. I thought they were ugly at first, too, but it has really grown on me. I kind of like the simple look of it. We got a light green color that matches his room and bedding well. (From Babies R Us...but I've seen some at Target lately!)

Your boys are soooo cute!

Beth Ann said...

I knew I would forget something!

Sippy cup....ahhhh! I can't believe it! I ordered little Avent sippy spouts that you can connect to the bottles to make a sippy cup...looks similar to the spout on that sippy cup. Not sure when we will try it out.

ccc said...

First off..I can't believe your little guy is old enough already for a sippy cup! Time flies! Second--you look great in that sunglass pic!
My youngest's car seat never fit on the seat and I had to put it in the basket...I think the newer car seats are larger than older ones. I remember even putting up the canopy on the car seat and putting something light on it like potato chips so, he had the chips laying over his head LOL
and, I totally remember playing in one of those things at Mc Donalds! There is still one at a Mc Donalds not too far from our house.
As for the daughter watches it and she wants me to watch that episode, but I cannot bear to watch it. Maybe one day....

ginmommy said...

Your flowers are beautiful!!! And you are too cute in those shades!! As far as your baby, and the Duggar's, I totally agree with you. That's a personal decision, and kuddos to the Duggar's for sharing their pain. Maybe it will help others. Have a great weekend!

DandelionBreeze... previously NYMum said...

Happy birthday to your darling Griffin :) Love all the gorgeous photos of him... he's adorable :)) What a beautiful sign from Caroline outside your window. I don't know much about the Duggar story but admire them for being so open about the tragedy that they went through and helping raise awareness of this silent sorrow. Love to you always xoxo

Kacey said...

What a good little shopper Griffin is!

The Mama said...

I LOVEEE your plants and flowers.

OMG you have the cutest kids!!

Love the new sunglasses!!!

I did watch The Duggars, and I just thought it was extremely moving and sad. I may not agree with having 20+ kids, but a loss is a loss and I thought it was terribly sad. I agree if it brings them closure then good for them. I thought it was just so so so sad. I cried the whole way through it.

Sippy cups? Already? He can't be that old!!

Praying for you as you are thinking about Caroline. I saw the red bird and it was BEAUTIFUL.

Tristan said...

i love the flowers and your sweet boys!

and love that little things remind you of your sweet caroline..she should always be remembered!

Deanna: Infertile Momma said...

I just wanted to pop in and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I do take great comfort in the thought that my baby girl will forever be a part of me! Thank you for that perspective. I am now your newest follower and I will have to catch up with you and leave you a 'real' comment. Thank you again for your sweet words...I'm going to be mentioning them in a post soon.

Candance said...

Love, love, love the flowers and you are rocking those sunglasses! Haven't seen the Duggar episode because all those kids make me need a drink about five minutes in, but you almost made me want to see it. You're a brave lady and I admire your strength.

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