Thursday, March 31, 2011


Is this not some serious determination?? :) Grady insisted on eating his lunch (cereal and milk.... I know weird...) on his Elmo potty today. Nothing has yet been ummm "put" into the potty yet but he still tries every single day! I'm so proud of him! We don't pressure or make him sit here and there is usually some sort of candy bribe involved. Today after sitting long enough to eat 2 lollipops and ask for more I head to the kitchen to get him some lunch started. I had him at the table but he told me "No, eat on the potty". This is probably the most un-hygienic thing that you could do but oh well!

I love this little man soo much and I know that here pretty soon all the potty trying will just click!


Michele said...

How old is Grady again? He's so stinkin cute!!!

Melanie Mueller said...

That picture is too funny! Love my Grady boy!
When he is good and ready, it will click- don't worry!

Tristan said...

an elmo potty..ahh..too cute!!

i'm getting t-a a little seat thing that goes on our big know it will take longer, but i don't want to tote a potty around on niece refused to use actual big people pottys even with a seat because she wanted her princess was a nightmare!

he looks so cute..hahaha..funny boy!

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