Monday, March 7, 2011

Pictures from our Weekend

So this will probably be one of the more boring posts that I have done (with maybe the exception of the one that I did last night that was all random and had no pictures... :)). But, I just had to get all the pictures in that I wanted to! This being a blog that my family can look back on in years to come I wanted to make sure nothing has been skipped.

This is their favorite... to dig on gigantic hole and then sit in it. Too silly!
My handsome almost 9 year old! I can't believe it! Tomorrow is the big day!
Grady catchin' a ride.
Graham begged me to take his picture while he was doing "tricks". I think I took about a hundred before I got one that wasn't too blurry!
Grady was soo desperate to play outside this morning that he ended up playing in his PJ's because he just couldn't wait to change his clothes!
My sweet nephew Colton's last basketball game that he were able to go to. He's number 3 and we couldn't have been more proud to cheer him on!
Graham and Colton after the game.
This was Graham Saturday night at the Cub Scout crossover banquet. The boys each made their own "decorations" to hang up. They could do anything that they wanted that had the theme of "The Great Outdoors".
This was the bears table. It had a super-fun carved wooden bear as a center piece surrounded by the boys pictures!

Whew! Ok, so I feel better now having gotten those pictures loaded and ready to share. We really had a great weekend filled with tons of fun!


Tristan said...

i loved the pics! they are so handsome!
i can't wait til mine can play outside..sheesh!

New Year Mum said...

Your boys look as though they're having so much fun :)) xo

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