Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

This Thursday I have soo much to be thankful for! When my Mother-In-Law came over the other evening for Graham's birthday party she brought me a couple of awesome things!

First off...

Don't you just love my little helper? :) I tried to take like 9 pictures and this is the one that you could see the least of Grady in! HA!

Its a little hard to read but the gold lettering says  "Bobby and Hillary February 10, 2001". It was a belated anniversary gift from her! I'm a little torn however as to where to hang it. Over our bed would be awesome but then again I'm not so sure that I'd like jagged, rusty metal hanging over my head while I sleep... :). I'm thinking the front hallway.

The second gift that she brought me was the most delicious cake I have ever eaten Its a Lemon Creme Crunch Cake.

Don't laugh at me. I couldn't decide which picture I liked better! I love the cake stand so much and things just look so beautiful in it but then you couldn't really see the cake.... If that's the biggest dilima that I'll face today then I'll take it!

Sadly as you may recall, my husband is dieting and my kids basically just eat the little brownie bites I have piled up next to the cake so that means that I have single-handedly eaten half the cake all by myself. I won't be posting any pictures of myself for quite some time! :)

Last, but not least, I am super thankful for these guys...

I am absolutely in love with all 3 of them! These pictures were from Graham's family birthday party on Tuesday night. Can you say slim pickin's on pictures that came out good! Every kid was so hyped up on sugar that I seriously have no decent ones. Oh well, that's life! Graham's birthday party with friends is coming up this weekend so I'm going to try very hard to get some super good ones then!

Hope everyone is having a blessed Thursday!


Michele said...

Lemon Crunch Cake- I think that I simply NEED that recipe!!!

Tristan said...

i would have helped you eat that cake!!!

Love the sweet!!!

Amy said...

Do you use spell check on these posts?? Lol

Amy said...

I do LOVE the sign... where did she get that?

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