Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Changes

So you may recall from one of my past post this picture....

Portfolio 1-Light 9-1/2" Bronze Ceiling Semi-Flushmount

These are the new lights for our hallway! I was crazy excited this weekend when Bobby found a few hours to install 2 of these.


Odd cheapy lighting circa 1980....


I know, not such a big difference but for us every little bit helps! I'm trying to go for warm, cozy, and a little bit rustic. Pretty much this whole house needs to be re-done. When we purchased this house we knew that we wanted something with tons of space for our family to grow into. In order to get that in the neighborhood that we wanted to live in we had to make the sacrifice of there being zero upgrades and an older home. Structurally this house is fabulous. We purchased this home from a retired military gentleman who had tons of time on his hands and he piddled all the time and pretty much kept up with everything! All Bobby and I need to do now is to paint every single wall of this home and change out door, bathroom, and lighting hardware. Really its not too bad but I know that it will take us a while to get everything done between chasing kids and Bobby's job.

All I need you to do now is to imagine the hallway here painted a really pretty tan color and the front door will be painted a really sharp black. The large wall space that you see on your left will be my cross wall. I can't wait to get started on that project! Imagine all the fun that I'll have in Hobby Lobby finding new crosses to add to my collection!!

I wish I could say that you'll be seeing TONS of great posts coming up soon from me about all sorts of great renovations that Bobby and I have being doing, but lately we're doing great if the dishwasher gets loaded and the floors are at least swept (but honestly seldomly mopped :)). But, I'm ok if all this takes a while... Isn't that what 30 years mortgages are for ?? Haha. :)


New Year Mum said...

Looks great.... it's a lovely feeling to slowly turn a house into a home :) Looking forward to seeing each step along the way xoxo

Tristan said...

they look great!!!

um..i spring cleaned the TOP of my cabinets, we should all breathe better with that dust outta here!

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