Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Support for Joanne!

Back in Janurary I read a blog post somewhere (don't even ask me where... I'm a bad blog hopper) and I read the most touching story about a woman named Joanne. She is a Momma of two just like me and only a couple of years older than me. On January 11th of this year she suffered a massive stroke.

This incredibly brave, strong, and godly woman has been fighting so hard and has come such a long way! Her husband Toben and several other family members have taken over writing her blog for her while she finishes recovering. And I fully believe that God will grant her a full recovery!
Her friends and family ask that in we show off our charm bracelets for her birthday today! One of Joanne's favorite things was her charm bracelet, so much in fact that its her blog header. How cute is that!

Here is a picture of my charm bracelet. It seriously pales in comparison to hers!

Hope on over to wish her a Happy Birthday and check out her charm bracelet and many other ladies that contributed in support of this wonderful woman! http://thesimplewife.typepad.com/

Love you Joanne and Happy Birthday! I can't wait to see what further miracles God has in store for you over the next year!


Tristan said...

this makes me want a charm bracelet!!

praying for her!

New Year Mum said...

What an amazing story... hope she continues to improve. Love your charm bracelet... I never had one, so started one for our toddlers Christening and all the member of my family bought a charm that they felt represented them... then we add an angel charm for Gabrielle - and it's filling up quickly :) They're such a lovely thing to look at and explain to others where each charm came from xoxo

Jayme said...

What a great story, thank you for sharing her link!

I love charm bracelets!

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