Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Favorites : Favorite Nursries/Nursery Ideas!

This Friday I decided to join up with Lyndsie to do Friday Favorites! This week she is doing nursery ideas and that just happens to be one of my favorite subjects. Bobby and I have no idea yet what God has in store for us as far as future babies much less the gender of them so I found a bunch of girl and boys stuff that I just love!!

I am fairly certain that this is a look that will never show up in my house but I still am in love with the whimsy of it!!

Amore Crib Set
I love the sleek look of black and pink in the room.
Flea Market Crib Bedding Set
Isn't this Flea Market Fancy just too cute??
Palace Glider - Better Homes & Gardens
This is my top favorite as far as little girls rooms go! Its bright and cheery but still soft and soothing all at the same time. I die.
Air Show Crib Set
I love that this nursery has the feel of an older boy's room. It would transition so well into toddler hood.
Merry Go Round Crib Bedding Set
This room to me just has a really fun and trendy look to it!
Antique Bevel in Bark - Crown Rhinestone Picture Frame
Barrette Holder - Olivia Rose
Bella Canister Set in White
Bless This Child Blue & Chocolate Baby Pillow
Bright Color Hat Boxes - Set of 5
Fuschia & Lime 4x6 Picture Frame with Daisy
Of course I couldn't pass up the accessories that would go in the babies room now could I? :) I know that my taste is all over the place. Some contemporary, some old school and believe me it makes me crazy too! It took me forever to find and put together my boys rooms when they were newborn because I just couldn't decide! 
Happy Friday everyone!  


Tami said...

Visiting from Friday Favorites. I love all of those nurseries! I agree that the top one is gorgeous, but probably not very practical for real life. I can just imagine a crawling baby getting all tangled up in that tulle. :)

A Love Worth Waiting For.... said...

I love all of your ideas! I also love the pink and black nursery. So classy. Love all of the little frames! Precious!

Thanks for linking up!! :)

Tristan said...

um..if i would have seen that first nursery when i was preggers..ahhh..i would of HAD to have

New Year Mum said...

Gorgeous nurseries... hopefully we'll all have a little one to enjoy them soon :)) Love always xoxo

Katie said...

Hillary ~ Such cute ideas! I like something in all of them. What a fun post.

Thinking of you. ; )

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