Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Easter Pictures

Gah! I can't believe that I'm already uttering those words together! I love doing my boys pictures professionally during this season. Leaves and grass are beautiful and green, the wind that blows is gently warmed.... and I'm a totally stress mess trying to find outfits that will look awesome on them.

Let me start by saying how much I like them to dress very similar if not down right the same for professional pictures. I know I know. My kids will hate me someday for it. My husband badgers me almost weekly about it (or at least every Sunday while I'm having a fit trying to get them to at least coordinate). He regales me with sob stories of how he and his brother Cody were forced to wear matching clothes and how much they both hated it.

In my defense I have asked Graham MULTIPLE times if he would like to look the same as Grady or different. And every single time he chooses to look the same! I think that he recognizes that by looking the same as Grady that they belong together and there is nothing more that he loves more than Grady! And so with Graham's permission once again this year I am on the hunt for the perfect Easter outfits.

Typically for church I don't make them get overly fussily dressed. Nothing suit-like and confining. Just comfortable and a little dressy-casual. Our church does an Easter egg hunt for this children between services and I'd like them to be able to stretch and run!
Chaps Yarn-Dyed Plaid Shirt

This is a shirt that I found at Kohl's for Sunday morning Easter service. I figured that depending on the weather it would be super cute with either khaki pants or shorts. I like the bright colors and figure that they'll be perfect for the random pictures that I get of them!

My problem is that for their professional pictures I wanted something a little bit dressier. I know, it makes no sense why they couldn't just wear the same thing both times. I don't understand it myself. Oh well.

I thought that I'd show you some of the things that I thought were super cute but what my kids could never stand to wear! Ha!

Glorimont Infant / Toddler Boys REVERSIBLE Blue / Green Pique Easter Bunny / Golf Shortall with Shirt

Glorimont Boys Light Blue Check REVERSIBLE Shortall with Shirt - Chocolate Easter Rabbit Basket with Eggs / Ice Cream Treat

I loved these for Grady... they do come in 3T! Would he hate me forever for this? This is my last year for him to wear such unbearably cute things... These are the crazy thoughts running through my head right now.

Boy's 4 - Piece Striped Seersucker Boy's Casual Suit in Blue

Can't you imagine Graham just looooving this outfit. He might never speak to me again! :) And I truly wouldn't torture him although I still secretly long for one of those beautiful misty-backgrounded pictures of my perfectly dressed children in to die for "Little Lord Fauntleroy" outfits with great not messed up hair...
Can you tell that I dream a lot around here? :)

I plan on going on a big hunt this weekend or maybe next week and I can't wait to show you what I picked! For right now I leave you with a picture of my boys from last year!


New Year Mum said...

What a gorgeous idea :)) xo

Melanie Mueller said...

Oh how I feel your pain. I love nothing more than my boys in matching outfits. You know what is crazy... you and I laugh at the old pictures of Bobby and Cody now too. =) But weren't they so cute?
Cute choices you have. I love that shirt from Kohl's. Such a bright and fun print. Perfect for egg hunting!
I feel like I have to say it as an aunt who loves her nephews tons...the full pant suit would cause me to giggle a little. =)
Love ya!

Tristan said...

oh...i think they are cute not to match!!!

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