Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ssss... Is For Snake!

Ssssss.... Is for snake! Our spring break is almost at an end :( so today Bobby and I decided to take the boys someplace local, fun, and educational! We of course had to go the the SNAKE FARM! I'm not sure how many of ya'll have cruised down I35 South Bound through Texas but if you have then you've seen this place!

The Snake Farm now ranks right up there with America's Largest Ball of Twine (orsomesuchthing).

These two little guys sure did enjoy it though! It was nothing but squeals of delight at "Momma come lookit' how big this one is!" and "Daddy, help me find this one in here. I don't see it!".

Bobby and I laughed as we were going through the Snake Farm. This place has literally been in the same spot forever and neither of us has ever been. It has other animals other than snakes so that was pretty fun for all of us. We were in and out in less than an hour and that was perfect for us.

Do ya'll ever watch the show "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe on the Discovery Channel? He featured the Snake Farm on one episode. And he's super funny. And pretty cute too. (Love you Bobby!)

And yet another funny tribute to this place to help liven up your weekend....


Anonymous said...

Omg, did that place stink or what? We took the kids there last year and I could barley stand the smell inside. I tried to control my gagging. lol. The boys didnt care though. It is a pretty neat place even though it is pretty darn run down. And all those weird animals in the back?
I would never guess driving by the place.
~Laura K

Tristan said...

so glad they had a good time!!

lol..this place makes me laugh..pig, goat, parrot..and SNAKES?! hahahaha

New Year Mum said...

Looks like great fun... but I would be a bit squirmish :( Great that they had so much fun xoxo

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