Saturday, March 12, 2011

Graham's Birthday Pary ~ Take Two!

Today Graham had his second 9th birthday party! This one was with just his friend though from second grade. I love it that out of the 10 kids that he was able to pick they were all from different classes and even a couple from the third grade. I love it that he is making such a wide range of friends!

This year we decided that we needed to make things a lot more simple (at least for the adults doing the planning :)). Graham had his party at the movie theater! Can you see how empty the parking lot was. I swear we were the first ones there!

This place was awesome. They pretty much did everything for us. We started off with a behind the scenes tour of how they show the movies. The boys were fascinated. The tour all took place upstairs where it was quiet, dark, and filled with projection equipment. They each got a piece of the film "Mars Needs Moms" which was the same movie we were seeing.

Graham was soo excited. He got to be the one to push the button that starts the movie!

And here is our row of boys, minus just one. Graham's cousin Cooper was sitting next to Graham but decided to sit with his mom in a closer row.

Bobby and I couldn't resist a little silliness!

Here we are right after the movie. We decided to leave Grady at home this time. I've tried with him before at the movies and can you say DISASTER? :)

We all had a really great time! I can't wait to see what his 10th birthday will bring us!


Tristan said...

what a great idea!!!

New Year Mum said...

Sounds like a great party... he must have had a fantastic birthday :) xo

Amy said...

I've never even seen the inside of the reel room! this is cool! I may have kids just so I can have a party for them here! :)

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