Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner

So what is a girl supposed to do with a car full of hungry kids (and a starving Momma) on such a cold and yucky day? Thankfully my 2 year old Grady quickly answered that question for me. While driving home this afternoon from a quick run to Burlington Coat Factory (which incidentally had NO COATS for boys for sale - come on people the dang name of the store has the word COAT in it and you don't have any???) Grady saw a sign for an IHOP and a large picture of pancakes. Very soon the word PANCAKES was being demanded from all the short people in the back seat.

One hour and box of pancake mix later....

Ta Da!
The boys were soo excited. Especially my little pancake thief... Grady! He must have come and snatched at least 3 pancakes from the plate before I had even made their little plates up!

The pancake thief caught in the act!
 By the time I had the boys all ready to go I was famished. You should have seen the size of my plate! Oh wait! Here it is! hahaha

I figured while we were eating pancakes for dinner I might as well include scrambled eggs (I have to eat mine with cheese and Chalula Hot Sauce), bacon, and hash browns. Take a wild guess who will NOT be stepping on the scale in the morning!

We just had to have these Valentine's Day cookies for desert. But hey, we're good! It's February already!

I just love it when we get to have a change of pace and mix things up at dinner!

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Melanie Mueller said...

Yummy! I love breakfast for dinner!

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