Saturday, February 5, 2011


I know that I've been sounding like a broken record lately but I'm just so dang excited about SNOW here in South Texas. This almost never happens. Graham, our oldest, who is almost 9 has only seen snow maybe 3 times in his whole life. You will never be able to imagine his joy to wake up this morning to a snow day from school AND no spelling test! Grady, our youngest, and almost 3, has never seen snow in his whole life. He was so excited! I'm not sure what he was thinking. He kept trying to play with it as if it were sand. He quickly realized that he had better leave his gloves on if he wanted to stay out there for long.

Grady's first time to touch snow! He called it "hot" a few times. So funny!

It was soo hard to even find a place to write the boys names. They had tromped around so much everywhere that I was literally having to guard spots on the ground to get their names written :).

The lovely sandbox. This was too irresistible for the boys to not play in. The snow that we got here was not light and fluffy, rather more hard and pebble-like.  It made for playing in the sand soo much more fun!

View of the back of our house.

This was the absolute stillest picture I got of silly Grady.

Graham loved jumping on the trampoline. The snow would jump with him!

The front of our house.

A view of our street.

The awesome fire my hubby built for us to keep warm once we came inside from a wonderful winter morning!
 Not to be cheesy and all but I loved this day! The boys were home with no school, my hubby was home from work until almost lunchtime and we really had this great, unexpected quality time together as a family. We seem so busy lately that it was almost a relief to have this simple fun day thrust upon us. We could not have rushed around even if we wanted to! I feel as though God puts certain days in front of us for a reason. Ours was to slow down and make time for simple quiet times for us to enjoy each other!

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Tristan said...

i couldn't imagine never having crazy!

haha..we have about 4 inches right now!

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