Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello all! This is Bobby, I have given Hill the night off for rest and relaxation. She is currently laying in bed watching TV while I sit here with steam coming out of my ears trying figure out what to write. I have always had a hard time putting my thoughts to paper while Hill makes it look so easy when she writes. I really admire the time and effort she puts into this blog so we can look back at all the memories we are creating every day.

This past week was our wedding anniversary. I still can not believe it has been 10 years! Time really flies when you are with someone you really love and enjoy being with. The boys have really added so much joy in our lives. They amaze me everyday with their unconditional love and silly energy.

I feel so blessed to share my life with these 3 amazing people and hope I bring as much joy into their lives. I hope all of you are able to spend your Valentines day with the ones you love most.


Marie W said...

Thanks Bobby! Hope you had an awesome Valentine's Day!

Melanie Mueller said... sweet Bobby! You four are very blessed to have each other!! Our lives are blessed by the four of you too! Happy Valentine's Day!

Amy said...

Look at you! Trying something new! (I didn't mean to make that rhyme!) I'm so touched that you took the time to do this for her. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know that you're taking great care of Hill and the boys. Keep up the good work and here's to the next 10 years! Love ya!

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