Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Jumpy Place

Yesterday Grady and I were able to escape the confines of our house for a couple hours and had the best time together! I know that I've posted about The Jumpy Place before but we just love it soo much there. There are tons of comfy red couches for the Mommas to lounge on while their kids run around, free coffee (YIPPEE!), a flat screen tv (not quite up and running yet but they've promised that it will be mom shows only), and an awesome owner there that will let you start a tab at the concession stand and all you have to do is wave at her and she'll let your kid pick out what he wants! She has a changing table there for the little ones and a diaper genie to go with it.

Being the Helicopter type mother that I am (forever circling my children to make sure they are ok), I am totally at ease at this place. There is no fear when I can't see them at all times! Grady loves it too because it allows him independence that I don't usually let him have. Seriously... its great training for both of us.

Grady Loved these little carpet circles on the floor by the slide. He jumped more on these than on the inflatables I think!

My sweet nephew Carter. Love you little man!

The big shark was the biggest hit for Grady that day!
I adore these lazy fun days with Grady. We already can't wait to go back! 

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Katie said...

Hillary, this place looks awesome! We have a similar place called Boingo Bounce. So glad ya'll had a fun lazy day. I love those days, too.

I'm thinking of you and your sweet daughter today. I know you miss her so much.

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