Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Sunday with Family!

This post is just slightly belated... I hate that. I wish I could blog every single day with what happened on that exact day... Some days I struggle with what to blog about and end up just posting cute pictures to show something for the day, and other days or weekends, there is just soo much fun stuff going on that I can't seem to fit it all in!

This past Sunday my hubby and I loaded our kids in the car and drove to Bobby's aunt and uncle's house. It is just so beautiful out there! The weather could not have been more perfect. There was tons of animals for the kids to either look at or pet and lots of room to just RUN! I swear my kids don't even need a swing-set or anything to play on, just give them wide open places to chase and stretch their little legs! Oh and all the food was really good too! *** WARNING - PICTURE OVERLOAD!***

Can you guess how much food actually got eaten at the kids table? If you guess "not much" they you are correct!

My sweet sister-in-laws Stacy and Melanie.

Grady had the best time playing in the room where they keep toys for the little kids.

Champ the Collie. Isn't he just the most beautiful dog ever?

The littlest of all the boy cousins, Carter!

Bobby's Aunt and Uncle were so sweet and they had Pinatas for the kids to break open.

Graham and I just love to take pictures of ourselves.

So do Colton and Graham...So silly!

Grady and Carter being pulled in the little red wagon. I bet you they would have let someone pull them around all day long given the chance!

We were trying to persuade the boys to feel the cattle. They were more than hesitant.

This picture just cracked me up so I had to post it!
Thanks again Uncle Weldon and Aunt Sally for letting have such a wonderful day at ya'lls house!

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