Friday, February 18, 2011

Three Guesses...

Ok now ladies, I know this is going to be pretty difficult but here we go!

What does this



Yup. It's that time.Grady and I are both excited about this. Can you tell?? (I seriously never know anymore what I'm going to get when I tell Grady to smile and say "CHEESE.") So hopefully in the coming months Grady will start to use his Elmo potty with some regularity. I know he's not completely ready for it yet. He will almost always willingly sit on Elmo but nothing has ever come out yet. We are still working on the concept that stuff comes out and it needs to go in Elmo and not his diaper.

Grady does have a friend, Jaxon, who is just a couple months younger than him that always uses the Elmo potty when he comes over. I was beyond excited when I learned this and would eagerly call Grady into the bathroom to come and take a look (beyond gross, I know...). Grady would ruuunnnn into the bathroom to check out all the excitement, take one look, stare blankly at me, and wander away. ::sigh::  I'm going to keep trying though. Nothing high pressure mind you. I'm of the thinking that too much pressure = longer to potty train. My plan thusly has been to ask him 3-4 times a day if he would like to come sit on Elmo and watch a movie we got him ("Elmo's Potty Time") and have a little leftover Halloween/Christmas/New Years/Valentines Day candy.

So far so good though. While no "deposits" have been made yet I'm confident that at least he's becoming familiar and comfortable with his his new throne!

If any of you ladies have any other tips, tricks, or leftover candy we can have :) please let me know!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Melanie Mueller said...

That picture of Grady on his throne is too cute!! Hope some "deposits" are made soon. ')

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