Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grady's New Favorite Song

So as all know, Grady has been attempting some potty training. Consequently, he has been eating a lot of bribes to entice to sit on said potty. Namely Smarties and Lolly pops.

When Grady walked up to me this morning and asked for a Lolly Pop I said that we needed to take pants off and go sit on the potty and then idly began singing the Lollipop song by The Cordettes. He liked the song tons but oh course I only knew the chorus. After a quick google I came up with this and he was in love! I can not tell you how long we sat at the computer together with him requesting to hear this song over and over. SO PRECIOUS! I can't wait to find out what other songs my little song bird falls in love with. In honor of Grady today I leave you with this to brighten your day too!

1 comment:

Jenna said...

That is so cute! We are halfway working on potty training too, though I admit I haven't been putting in as much effort as I should!

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