Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blue Angels Adventure

This past Sunday we were able to experience one of the most exciting things ever! We were invited by one of the Dads in Graham's Cub Scout group to attend an air show at one of the local Air Force Base's here in San Antonio. We thought that we were just going to get a tour of all the activities but we were soo wrong!

The gentleman that was giving us the tour is an Air Traffic Controller at Randolph Air Force Base and works up in the above picture. We started our tour at the very top where they actually do the air traffic controlling from. We were only able to stay in there a half of one second before he had to leave. We also were asked to not speak while we were up there. The military takes their jobs pretty serious when it comes to air safety :). After leaving there we went down one floor to the catwalk area. We were also supposed to stay there for only a very short while but we were able to get clearance to stay up there and watch the air show from 5 stories up!! We were honestly flabbergasted by our luck.

We ended up standing right next to the professional film crew and photographer for the Blue Angels!

Our viewpoint. You can see the blue angel airplanes lined up ready to go off to the right.

This is a picture of the C 130 that the blue angel group flies on. It was pretty funny. They call it "Fat Albert". For such a large plane it was able to do some pretty incredible maneuvers!

Fat Albert in flight.

The Blue Angels getting read to take off!

They are able to fly soo close together that many times you can hardly tell if its one plane flying or two!
We all had the BEST time there and were so thankful that we got to spend such a fun day together as a family!


The Mama said...

That is incredible that you got such a great viewpoint!! That looks like a BLAST!!!

The Anglin Family said...

Looks like alot of fun!!!! Awesome view;) bet the boys loved it!!

VivalaVida said...

How fun!!! My SIL is in the air force and loves it! I would so love to see an air show!! Maxwell's nursery theme is airplanes!! Next time I need to travel down to San Antonio...maybe we might take Maxwell next year ;)

KERRY said...

Great pic Hillary and what a great vantage point to spectate! We love Airshows too, and those planes fly so close I get so nervous for them lol
Love that pic of Bobby and Grady looking up at the sky, very cute :)

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