Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crazy Catch Up!

Wow!! I can not believe how crazy stupid long its been since I've been able to blog! I think that this might be the absolute longest that I have been gone and I've really missed it! We have been crazy busy, coupled with the fact that Bobby is gone soo much of the time that I haven't had the time to blog like I used to. Since hunting season started here in South Texas it's been pretty much trench warfare around here. I spend most of my time ducking and covering :). I really have a good sense of what life must be like for single moms and military wives. My heart seriously goes out to them! I spend most of my days now just trying to keep everyone in clean clothes and fed and that's about all I can manage :) . I seriously wouldn't change it for the world though. I love my 3 boys soo much and I'm unbelievably fortunate to be able to stay at home with them like I do.

Anywho, here is a catchup post of whats been going on in our little lives the past week and a half.

  • We started the process to look for Grady some furniture for his bedroom. The first store that we went to check out didn't have exactly what we were looking for but we did have some fun family come to visit us there.

Griffin Burkett Mueller was fortunate enough to meet his Great Great Uncle William Burkett Riggs.

Uncle Burkett is Bobby's mom's (pictured above) Dad's brother. The Burkett name is a long one. I need to do a whole other blog post just to cover this very interesting portion of Bobby's family's history.

Nathan Boone Burkett and Sons
Bottom center is the father, Nathan Boone Burkett and one of his sons that we are direct descendants to, Samuel Scott Burkett, is on the top row 2nd from the Left.

Briefly (because this portion of family history is thankfully long enough to be book-bound) Nathan Burkett was a Texas Ranger. It is evident by the picture above where one can see the Texas Ranger Star attached to his watch chain. Nathan Boone Burkett was so named after the famed outdoors man Daniel Boone who was a close family friend. One of his sons, Samuel Scott, (pictured on the top row second from the left) was a Sheriff in a nearby county and also a taxidermist. It is because of these two hearty-stock Texans that Bobby and his family are here today!

  • Lately, Graham has become more and more of a help to me. I am so thankful that I have him sometimes. (ok, all the time :) Sometimes I forget how old he is getting and that I can now depend on him to help me with the little things. One of the things that he's best at is holding Griffin while I get household things done. Griffin almost never cries while in Graham's arms but when he does Graham knows just what to do to sooth him. Love it!!


I caught Graham laying down on the floor next to Griffin earlier this week watching cartoons. It was soo sweet because Graham was absent-mindedly holding in Griffin's paci while they laid there together. It just looked like second nature to Graham and I was soo proud of him. He is going to make an awesome Daddy one day!

  • Grady lately is a total stink! He is such a silly, funny, mess that I can't help but laugh at him most of the time. He is all over the place these days. The other day he must have grabbed my camera and just started snapping away. I totally was cracking up at him at I was uploading the newest batch of pictures to our computer.

Exhibit A: The culprit. He was caught red-handed by his own camera taking mistake!

Exhibit B : the current mess that covers my coffee table! :) Are you laughing at the layers of crap that cover it? Just in this picture alone I see legos, books, dirty Griffin pajamas, toys, and I can't for the life of me figure out what that yellow thing is :).

  • And of course I can't forget my youngest and what he's been up to lately!

Griffin's hobbies include eating, pooping (a lot), sleeping (some), and keeping his Momma on her toes!
  • We were super excited the other day to get a package in the mail from our dear friend Kerry! We are soo blessed to know her and to call her our friend! She sent the greatest care package in the mail that had a little something for everyone in it! It came at just the right time too. The boys were driving me bonkers and all the fun things in the container entertained them for quite a while!

Graham is helping Griffin open his part of the package. You can see on the table some of the other fun stuff that the boys received. Graham got a pen pal letter from Kerry's son Ryan, a pen, a key chain, a Mighty Bean, stickers, and a little stuffed Koala Bear. You can also see some fun chocolate (that is almost all gone already!) a Wiggles book, and 4 other fun Scholastic books (not pictured). Griffin got the most adorable little outfit that I can't wait to put on him!

  • The other night Bobby and I were super excited because we got to go on the funnest Haunted walking ghost tour of downtown San Antonio! Our tour guides were two sisters that dressed in period 1800's clothing and told the most interesting stories of Texas History and the ghost stories that surrounds it!

We started off at the Alamo. Isn't it soo pretty at night!

The hotel that we were standing in front of here is called the Menger Hotel. It is supposed to be haunted by 32 ghosts! One of the ghost supposed still here is non other than President Teddy Roosevelt who recruited for The Rough Riders in the bar here. He is still there to this day trying to recruit men... spooky!

  • Last weekend I took the boys up to see Bobby at his deer lease. It was Griffin's first time there! I can't wait for the weekends were all 3 boys are able to hunt with Bobby and spend the night. Too fun for them and me! :)

This picture cracks me up! It's all rustic until you get to the part with Griffin in his soft, frilly blanket... :)

Handsome men!

This is Grady's favorite thing to do at the deer lease. He will beg and beg for a "4 Leller (wheeler) ride"

Bobby's dad and the boys. You can't even see poor Griffin in this picture :(.

Thanks for hanging in there with me through this crazy long post. I promise to be more regular in the very near future!


Tristan said...

wow..that wore me out just reading how busy you have been!

my hubby works all the time too,so its mainly just me here..I can't imagine having to do i with 3!

yay for you helpful boy!

The Mama said...

So glad to hear you from you friend! Whew, y'all have been BUSY, and with a new baby too? How do you do it?

I *sort of* fall into the single mama camp, sometimes, in that the hubs travels, but I just have 2, can't imagine doing it with 3. You're awesome!

Love all of the pictures. Such a good looking family you have! said...

Love all your photos... and was wondering how you were doing - great to see all that you guys have been doing :)) Love the Australiana things you were sent - you're going to have quite a koala collection soon :)) Love to you always xoxo

KERRY said...

What a great catch up post Hillary and YES I read all of it! Firstly, I am so glad the package reached you guys safely and I am glad the kiddos loved it! Has Grady heard of The Wiggles? And Cadbury choc is the BEST :)
It brought tears to my eyes to see all of it there on your table, a million miles away and there is Graham reading Ryan's letter! I will show him this post when he gets home from school :)
Thank you for your email, I've been meaning to reply, but I'll do it here now. You are very welcome for the gifts!!
Your bubba is growing already! I had to laugh at Grady's pics on your camera and how handsome is your Graham, always smiling (he looks like Griffin I think).
That pic of the old building is awesome! What a fun/scary tour :)

VivalaVida said...

Ya'll have had such a busy week!! I love all your pictures...especially the ones taken by Grady ;) That is so sweet that Graham has been so helpful! I really need to take that haunted tour! I had no idea the Alamo offered that!

Amy said...

On a scale of 1-10, how much would I cry (how scary is it) on the haunted tour of SA? :)
Just got through catching up on all your news! Grady is a MESS! I'm glad Graham is so helpful!

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