Saturday, November 19, 2011

Griffin Slept Through The Night :)

So, once again, the most boring blog post ever... but this is just something that I had to capture for my own sake!

Griffin Slept Through The Night!

I can not tell you how bad I needed it too. We put him to bed around 10ish and I had to wake him up at 6:30 to eat! The only thing different that I can think of that we did was that Bobby made him a bottle that seemed so thick with rice cereal that it was like a little baby milkshake :). He really didn't even drink that much of it before he drifted off. I totally plan on trying that again tonight!


ccc said...

So, Hillary, I am reading this the next day and i am wondering if you did the bottle thing and if he slept again for you so well. I hope so!

Beth Ann said...

Good for you! Holden has regressed and has only been making it 3-4 hours lately. No chance of using your trick since I'm breastfeeding, either. Bummer! :(

VivalaVida said...

Wow!! Already sleeping through the night?! I need to take note on this...I might need this advice when Maxwell gets here ;) Hopefully it works again for you!!

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