Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tiny Prints Love

I can not believe that Christmas seems to be right around the corner and we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet! I'm super excited this Christmas to be sending out our Christmas cards. Last year was pretty hard deciding if we even should or not. I was still in the harshest part of grief and just getting out of bed everyday was a struggle. We eventually did but only because we found one of those "sit on Santa's lap" places that would instantly print out the cards for us. If I had had to go to a picture place and then pick out something for the mailing portion I would have not even considered it.

This year is so different!! This year I could not be more excited!! The joy for the upcoming season is back in my heart and I can't wait to share our completed family with all of our family and friends.

I have been endlessly cruising every online card website that I can find to find THE perfect card for our family. So far my favorites are from the Tiny Prints Christmas Card line.

These are the top three choices that I have narrowed the field down to :

Wreathed Charm
image found here

Christmas Cutout
image found here
or just plain Funny!

Longing for Silence
image found here

 Which one would you pick? Do you have any special holiday card traditions?

6 comments: said...

So glad that this Christmas is going to be so much happier for you :) I dreaded Christmas last year... but am getting excited about this year too :)) Love them all... esp the middle one :) xoxo

Beth Ann said...

I LOVE the first and last ones...just because they are a little more unique. The last one is really cute and funny! Doug the pug (our dog) has been the star of our Christmas cards the past few years. Hoping to get some kind of good picture of Holden & Doug together this year! ;) So happy for a joyful season this year. :)

KERRY said...

I like the second one!! I am happy to hear you are looking forward to a beautiful Christmas this year xo

VivalaVida said...

I love the whimsical one! I know what you mean about the holidays. This year it will be totally different! I felt like the Grinch last year...I still celebrated but was not feeling it. This year will be so much better.

Melanie Mueller said...

Oh my goodness! I totally marked the second one as one of my choices when I was on tiny prints the other day. I like them all though!

Amy said...

Where's the one called mish-mash... hehehe
I vote for whimsical!

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