Monday, November 14, 2011

El Destrcto Rides Again and a Nursery Preview!

Need I even tell you that Grady is at it again! ;) I know.... it's daily now. I have to post this stuff because I know that one day I'll look back at it and laugh. He is just soo full of it! He is nothing but swirling mayhem and mischief. I fully believe that God has given him the special talents of a quick and inquisitive mind to help him in the future. It's just right now that he's making his Momma bonkers.

I'm almost 100% sure that most of his recent behaviour is because he is having to share his time with Bobby and myself more since Griffin has been born. He doesn't get the attention that he needs plus I can't keep as good of an eye on him as I used to.

Side note : right now he's begging me for a pair of scissors... um, no.

Yesterday he was really really quiet. I should have known instantly. He wandered into the living room covered in brown powder. WTF?? He also smelled suspiciously sweet. I walked with him back into the kitchen and this is what I saw...

It was an almost entire container of Chocolate Ovaltine. He had pulled it out of the pantry and gotten the lid off. Do you love the little foot prints in the dust? Bath #1 for the day.

I have to also say that during this time period of the day Grady kept running into the living room saying that he needed to "poo". His Elmo potty is kept in the living room where we can keep track of what is going on. He never did use the potty though. When I went to take Grady upstairs for his bath following the Ovaltine incident I discovered that Grady had "pooed" on the carpet upstairs.

Out came this...

It apparently works on pet "poo" and kid "poo".

This morning Grady wandered downstairs early. I gave him a good morning hug and noticed that his jammies were wet. I asked him if he had an accident during the night and he quite frankly told me "no, it's water from the toilet". Um, What??? I hauled butt upstairs and discovered this...

toilet water and toilet paper and towels and toys everywhere
Apparently no time of day or night is safe from Grady. This phase has to be over soon right??

And now onto other fun stuff! (Need I say that I have hopefully child proofed the door into the new baby's room.) We are moving right along getting it ready for Griffin to move into! So far we have his crib set up and just need to move the changing table and armoire in.

We ended up using our old sofa table in Griffin's room! I was going to cover it with a pretty table cloth but once Bobby had put it in his room I realized that the woods matched almost perfectly! Yay!!

I can't wait to show everyone the finished product! It may take us a while to get all the rest of the furniture in and all the fun things up on the wall that I have planned but I think that its going to be soo worth it!


The Anglin Family said...

I swear Caden has done all those
The kool aid powder in the carpet was the worst!! Loove cleaning poop off of carpet, lol;) you will look back and laugh...
Love griffins bedding!!

Beth Ann said...

Oh my goodness gracious! You DEFINITELY have your hands full! Haha ;) I love Griffin's bedding- love the bright colors...can't wait to see it when finished. :)

Tristan said...

o.m.g...girl,you need a vacation after dealing with those messes..good thing he's cute!!!

i love the bedding,so bright and cheery!

ccc said...

Ha ha--you ask if it's a phase? In my experience these types of kids will always be somewhat destructive/mess makers in the future! It's just that the messes get different. lol
It is hard when a new baby comes and the pre schooler knows that it's prime time to "destroy" something when you are busy with a diaper change or feeding.
Good luck!

KERRY said...

Grady sounds so adorable but I am afraid to say that the mischievious nature may stick around for a bit ;)
It might go from poop to marker pens or paint so beware!
Your nursery is huge! There is no way I'd fit a chair in Liam's with all his other stuff :( said...

Oh... you poor thing !! What a nightmare to clean up... but pretty cute :) He'll grow up to be a creative genius :)) Love Griffin's nursery... adorable xoxo

VivalaVida said...

Oh my goodness!! Grady is El Destructor!! A cute one too!!! I don't know how you do it are super mommy!! I can just imagine Maxwell doing all those things!! I'm loving how the nursery is turning out!

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