Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Griffin Is 5 Weeks Old!

  • I can not believe how fast time has been flying by! Maybe it's the sleep deprivation or our pretty scheduled days now but how is my baby already 5 weeks old??

  • Right now Griffin is sleeping most nights from 10ish to 2 ish. I'm pretty happy with this stretch because at least now I'm getting a lot of uninterrupted sleep in! He wakes up around 4am and then again around 6am.

  • Griffin's baby bedding and some room decor is now being shipped! I'm soo excited to finally be able to put his room together!! I hadn't before because I felt like I was jinxing things if I ordered it. But, now that he's here safe and sound it's time that I get my rear in gear. I can't wait to show you the finished product but right now here is the sample room from where I ordered it!
The portion of the bed skirt and valance that looks yellowish is actually more lime green. I'm not sure why it's coming out so dull in this picture.

  • Griffin is nursing almost every two hours now. In the mornings he usually takes one really long nap so he isn't eating every two hours then and then in the later evening hours he's super hungry and eats sometimes every hour. I'm thinking that in all he's eating on average every 2 hours.

  • Bobby has been giving Griffin one formula bottle every night with a little bit of cereal in it while I got to bed early. This helps both of us get extra sleep!

  • Griffin now weighs 10 pounds! Bobby got on our household scale last night and weighed with out him and then with him. I was pretty proud of my little chow hound for gaining so nicely!

  • Griffin is about to transition into size one diapers. I am just waiting to run out of newborn size that we got tons of.

  • Griffin is no longer wearing Preemie clothes. He is solidly into mostly newborn sizes and some 0-3 months that run a little small.

  • Because he no long wears preemie sizes that means that I now have a small stack of clothes to put into a "to be given away" box. I'm super sad about this :(.

  • Griffin still loves his Nap Nanny but is starting to really dislike his swing. This is soo weird to me because both my other boys loved theirs. Oh well, to each his own. I think that its time to put it up since it takes up a lot of room and he hardly ever uses it.

  • Griffin is still trying to coo. Its super cute. He doesn't do it all the time, mostly when he's super excited about something or after a hard sneeze. I love it!



The Anglin Family said...

I LOVE that picture!! SOOO sweet!
I love the room stuff, too. ;)
On your last post about Grady, I totally get it! Caden was the most destructive! He is 9 almost 10 and still that does get a little better though. We bought the boys matching dressers and twin sleigh beds a few months ago and Cade's new dresser has a hole on the side of it. I was not a happy mama!! Stinks about the crib, though. We went to a local baby store the other day and the cribs were so expensive Scotty told me a pack and play would have to do,ha!
Its hard to get mad at those sweet faces for too long :)

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

He is sooo darling :) Congratulations :)

Katie said...

I can't believe Griffin is 5 weeks already, Hillary!

He is a doll! I'm just can't be more thrilled for you, girl.

Tristan said...

he is so cute!!!!!

oh goodness he needs to slow down..5 weeks already!!!???

you should find a consignment shop to take his clothes too!

ccc said...

He really is a good looking little baby boy!
I understand the sadness at the clothes and giving them away. Keep some just to look at though!

VivalaVida said...

So so cute!! I can't wait to see how your nursery turns out!! said...

He's soooo adorable :)... and love his bedroom things too. So glad to hear all is going well... wow - he's growing quickly.. great to hear :) xoxo

Melanie Mueller said...

I am late to comment but had to. That nursery bedding is so cute! Bright and fun!
Also- Griffin just gets cuter and cuter!! Love my sweet nephew so!

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