Monday, November 21, 2011

Grady's Hair ~ Part 2

Yesterday Bobby took Grady in to get his hair "fixed". I use that term very loosely as even the sweet ladies at the hair cutting place were unable to even it all out. Bobby said that when he walked in they asked if it was Mom or Dad that had messed up his hair. When Bobby told them that Grady had done it himself they almost didn't believe him! :)

Part of the excitement of the day was getting to ride in Daddy's truck all by himself!

They asked how he had cut soo close to his own head because they didn't even have clippers that would cut it as short as he had. :). They ended up having to leave part of it a little longer than the rest. Now my poor baby looks as if he's had surgery. HA!!

Waiting to get his hair cut!

When they got done with his haircut Grady was super excited and told Bobby that he looked just like Cooper! Cooper, who is My SIL's middle son is Grady's hero these days. He talks about him all the time and now Grady is ecstatic because he thinks he looks like him now :).

All done!
I pray that this was just a one time thing. I miss his hair soo much! I'm not sad because I don't feel like this new haircut makes him look any older, but just really different. He hardly looks like the same child to me now and I'm super super sad about it. Thank goodness his hair grows crazy quick!

( A big shout -out goes to my husband for being wonderful enough to take our camera with him to the barbershop! Thanks babe for getting soo many good pictures! xoxo)


KERRY said...

He is still really adorable with his hair like that!! But how did he manage to cut so close??

The Mama said...

He does look so different. But OHMYWORD he is still so so so cute!! It will grow quickly I am sure. :) Such a cutie

What a hubby, taking pictures all by himself!!!

ccc said...

Ha ha!!!! Ben did this same thing to his hair with scissors in practically the same spot as Grady! But, Ben's spot was smaller. I had to shave his head and give him a buzz cut too--it's the only thing to do.

VivalaVida said...

Awww!! Hopefully it grows back fast!!

Brittany said...

oh no! i fear this day that one of the boys takes scissors or clippers to their hair!! i know my day is coming!!

Love that your hubby took pictures - what a guy!

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