Monday, May 9, 2011

18 Weeks! (and 4 days)

I can't believe how close I'm getting to half way there! By my calculations 19 weeks should be about half way for me as my OB will deliver scheduled c-sections early. Believe me when I say, I WILL TAKE THE FIRST AVAILABLE DATE SHE WILL GIVE ME! :)

I have another doctor's appointment with the specialist tomorrow morning and I can't wait to hear all the details and show you all the newest pictures of little Baby M!

Bobby took this picture of me on Saturday morning before I ran out of the house to meet a friend for lunch so its not as out of date as this post is! :)

18 Weeks:

How Far Along: 18 Glorious weeks!

Size of Baby: About 5-1/2" inches long and around 7 ounces. This little guy has been measuring bigger than what it usually says online so I can't wait until tomorrow to see how big he really is!

Total Weight Gain/ Loss: Ugg. I will find out tomorrow. All the eating that I did over Mother's Day weekend can not be good...

Maternity Clothes: I'm still clinging to one non-maternity shirt but the rest of everything is maternity!

Gender: It's another little boy for us!

Movement: Still hit or miss. Some days will be "good" days and I'll feel tons of thumps or little "bubbles popping" and others are not great days for movement and I worry a little (or a lot...). Yesterday on Mother's Day he gave me the best gift ever and gave me 4 solid kicks right when I woke up! I couldn't believe it!

Sleep: It's either getting better or I'm getting more tired. Either way, I've been sleeping through the night most nights. On the nights that I do get up to use the restroom I'm able to fall back asleep! :)

What I Miss: Not a thing right now! I am completely content!

Cravings: Mexican food! Yummy!

Symptoms: Just some pressure lower in my abdomen when I'm on my feet for too long.

Best Moment This Week: Going to the doctor tomorrow! I am super excited and can't wait!

On a side note - I got a call from my OB's office last week. The new doctor that I just switched to and that I fell in love with? She's moving. To a new state. What the heck!! I am now having to start over with another new doctor. This will be the 3rd doctor that I'll be seeing this pregnancy. Ugg. I was able to switch to another female doctor in the practice that I had seen once before (when I spotted around 7 weeks) and had liked. She was actually the doctor that referred me to a specialist. My first visit with her will be at the end of this month. Funny to think that my first official visit with her and I'll be 21 weeks and be getting your typical 20-ish week anatomy scan! Oh well. What ever and who ever will get this little guy here safely!

I hope everyone's week is off to a good start!


Tristan said...

boo to the dr. moving!!
your lookin good!!!

ccc said...

I can't believe you can fall back asleep after going to the bathroom! I have never been able to do that while pregnant.
I'm sorry that your dr is moving. I'm sure this new one knows what to do.

Melanie Mueller said...

You look so cute!! Yay for 18 weeks! Can't wait to see the newest pictures of my little nephew!

Michele said...

You look great! I cant believe you are already 18 weeks!

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