Sunday, May 15, 2011


  • I decided to try and make things easier for Bobby today so I'm using bullets today!

  • I love this girl!

  • She is one of the greatest, kindest , and most selfless people I know. She's also incidentally the one who introduced me to my husband!:) (Bobby: thanks Deb!) She called me the other day and said that she's moving in with me for the next week to help take care of me and the kids! LOVE HER!

  • I have a really weird/hateful thing to confess. The other day when I was at the hospital for pre-op blood work I ran into a girl that I vaguely know. She had just given birth to a micro-preemie at 25 weeks. All I could think was "she's so lucky and doesn't know it". I could see her pain and worry on her face, but it didn't change how I felt. All I could think was "I hope that's me" and "I hope I get another 5 weeks with this little guy". I guess loosing a child forever changes your perspective on life. Thinking back on my feelings now, I guess I'm just really jealous that she gets a chance with her baby that I never had.

  • I'm soo glad that my Mamma's here but I can see how tired and worn out she is and I feel so bad about it. :(

  • I love that my kids seem to have taken pretty well to all this crazy bed rest mess. They have naturally migrated to hanging out in my room with me to watch cartoons or to play.

  • I feel guilty and weird to take a shower or brush my teeth (I have even considered brushing my teeth in the shower). I have strict instructions to only get up to use the bathroom so I feel really guilty.

  • Grady's 3rd birthday is this coming Saturday at our house. All I can say is AACK! Nothing is ready as I had anticipated doing it myself this week. No food, no decorations, no presents, and I have no idea if I'll be on my feet by then! AACK!


ccc said...

I have to admit I have brushed my teeth in the shower before to cut down on time when really busy!
Even though Grady's birthday is coming up, relax. I know your wonderful family will take care of things. And, most three year olds are pretty easy to satisfy!

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I'm sure your family would love to help with Grady's birthday. There is only one stop...Party City! You can get almost everything there. I hope you all have one near by.

Awww having the extra help from Deb and your momma must be such a blessing! And knowing that the kiddos just kind of migrated to where their momma is, is just so sweet! You have some very great family and friends!

I'm sure you will have more than 5 weeks with baby. As much as I can't wait to see pictures of your little guy, I can definitely wait until September. So he better stay nice and comfy in there because he still has a lot of time before everyone meets him :)


Bobbi said...

Don't worry about the birthday party. Let your family take care of all that! I'm so glad you're taking your bed rest so seriously. I'd be so afraid to move, too! You have such a wonderful support system. That is so important and you are so fortunate to have the opportunity to rest as much as you need to and still have your house and kids taken care of. I'm hoping you get MANY more weeks with your son growing inside of you. Thanks for the updates!! :)

New Year Mum said...

I've been thinking of you so much over the w/end and was so relieved to hear that you're back home on bed rest.... what an ordeal that you've been through. So lovely that you've got extra help and so can focus on looking after you and bubs. Grady's party will work out and I'm sure others will completely understand. Sending you lots of hugs and wished from Oz xoxo

Bumpy Journey said...

HI Chica! I am over from the LFCA. I just wanted to give you some hugs and love. I had to have a cerclage placed when I was 24w4d. I only had to be on bedrest/couchrest for 2 weeks, but I had a hard time. I couldn't find a good position to beon the computer either. I hope you are finding stuff to keep your mind busy!!!

I will definitely say prayers for you, and add you to my reader!!!!

PS are you on twitter? That is what saved my sanity. Lots of preggos/IFer/Mommies on the Twitters. :P

Tristan said...

your doing fine..just stay in bed..and you have to shower so that's ok!!!!

praying for you!

Amy said...

I'm so glad Deb can be there to help you out too... Don't wory about the party... all grady wants is a box for his b-day. hehehehe But really, people will understand if things aren't perfect!
Love you and appreciate Bobby posting for you!

Katie said...

Hillary ~

You are precious. I'm so sorry you are having to go through all of this extra stress. You would think moms like us would get a free pass with everything else in our lives. I wish!

Know you are loved, thought of, and prayed for often. I pray that the Lord will give you such peace with everything going on with the new baby, your bedrest, Grady's birthday, and anything else that is worrying you.

You will make it through this!

Melanie Mueller said...

Debra is an amazing friend! So sweet of her to take care of you!!
No guilt girl. You are doing great!
Remember, I am here is you need me!

New Year Mum said...

Dearest Hillary....
How are you going ?
I've been thinking of you often
and hope all is ok with you and your little one.
After one days bedrest, I'm already going crazy
... I feel for you doing longer bedrest.
Thoughts and love to you always xoxo

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