Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Gender Reveal Party!!

Forever now I have been reading blog posts about Gender Reveal parties. They have always looked like soo much fun to me! We never did anything special before... just regular ol' told people. Since this will (God willing) be my last pregnancy I decided to have some fun with it! So many times have I thought to myself "this will be my last time to feel this, do this, or experience this". I know that I can't possibly make everyone of these moments special but the biggies I'd like to!

A lot of my IRL friends already knew what we were having. The calls started the second I walked out of the doctor's office and I was besieged with things like "but you knew I was pregnant before I even told my own husband!" and "I'll name my next child after you if you tell me NOW". Having told said friends the gender of our baby, Bobby and I were able to have a nice, small, close family only dinner. We decided to do the traditional  (or whats becoming traditional for a newish party idea like this) wear pink or blue shirts depending on what you think the baby is and then we cut a cake after dinner and let the icing inside reveal the identity of Baby M (or Little G as Bobby and I have started calling it). It was all too much fun and I was ready for desert before dinner!

Here are some pictures from our little party...

Team BLUE!

Team PINK! (Disclaimer... the color of Bobby and my's shirts may or may not be the right answer!)

We had super yummy enchilada's, rice, beans, and a Mexican salad for dinner. To this pregnant Momma it was soo good!

The infamous cake! Grady was having a very hard time staying away from the cookies!! :)

I found some really pretty flowers for our centerpiece!

My sweet nephews Cooper and Colton and their baby guesses!

The boys had so much fun playing together before we started eating!

 I'm guessing that it's about time to reveal just how much this new baby will forever change our lives!

It's A ...









Bobby and I could not be happier to add another boy to our family! The thought of 3 brothers growing up together and being best friends one day makes me soo happy! They will forever have that special sibling bond. We are truly a blessed family!! Glory to God!!

My super sweet sister in law Melanie (who was with me at the doctor the day I found out about our baby boy) brought me the sweetest little gift!

To go along with it was the greatest note ~

"I'm so excited about your big news,
Another baby boy is due!

Your days will be busy as can be,
Wrangling and chasing after those three.

You will be the queen of your domain,
And have more love than your heart can contain.

I got you some pink for your house full of blue,
It's nothing big but it is just for you!

It is so fun to be the mom of three boys,
Your life will be FULL of immeasurable joy!!"

I love Melanie's poems. They will always leave you feeling like the most special person because she spent so much time doing it just for you! Love you tons Mel!

Thanks so much for every one's sweet comments over the past weeks! They have simply meant the world to us! We have had our ups and downs but overall we are so overjoyed to share our most wonderful news with everyone!


Jayme said...

Yay! Congrats- I adore my boys. When I got pregnant with my oldest, all I thought about was girls- I didn't think I'd like being a mom to a boy... now that I have five living sons, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Your sister in law is awesome, I just love her gift and poem!

Bobbi said...

What fun!!! Maybe I'll do a fun gender reveal party too! They look like so much fun. :) I knew it'd be another boy for you. :) God definitely feels you are fit to be a mom to boys.

ccc said...

A boy! Congrats! I guess that thing you bought at the store a while back actually worked!
My husband comes from all boys-7 of them-no girls. They still have such a close, strong brotherly bond.

Tristan said...

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So happy for you to have 3 precious boys!! how fun!!

New Year Mum said...

Wow.... fantastic :))... and what a gorgeous idea to do a gender reveal party - never heard of that before. Thinking of you and your little boy always xoxo

Anonymous said...

Congrats the boy will be loved for who is and not just a replacement for Caroline if you were having a girl.

Amy said...

What a neat idea... never heard of it, but sounds cool!
I would have come just for the food! :)

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